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Is It Necessary To Have A Pest Inspection Before Buying A Home?

So, you’re going to buy a house?

It is a beautiful experience to buy a house, as it is not only four walls with a roof, but it is the heart of every family.

But you know finding your dream home can be quite confusing and challenging.

You will take care of financial commitments, finance, and other things. But there is one more thing you need to pay attention to before closing the deal.

Pest control of residence concept. 3D rendered fire ant.

 What’s that? Pre-Purchase Building and Pest inspection.

Suppose you purchased a house with pest problems.

After you shift over there, it will cause a lot of problems, as well as a lot of repair costs.

Therefore, why not do a pre-pest inspection before buying the house, or before moving attacks furniture in.

Do you have a lot of confusion about the inspection? Let us answer all of your questions, one by one. Therefore, keep reading.

What is pre-purchase pest inspection?

Pre Pest-Inspection is an important step by buying a house, and also maintaining the house you are already living in.

It is a typical search for insects that cause damage to your house. The pest control team will look out for pests and their causes, and will remove them.

Why should you hire a pest inspector?

There are many pests, including termites, rodents, etc, which can do severe damage to your home. Especially termites which can ruin your expensive wooden flooring furniture, etc.

Best Pest inspection teams are trained to distinguish between are going to search for all kinds of pests in your house, and the causes of them and then they will remove it, which will save you a lot of money.

You should always hire professionals like Pest inspection gold coast for work. They can offer you the best inspection at a lower cost. Generally Professional is packed with high-tech equipment such as Moisture-meter, Thermal meter, etc.

How to choose a Pest Inspection Company?

You can choose a Pest Inspection Company on the following basis:

Best Price

They should offer you multiply is at the lowest cost possible.

Experienced inspectors

They should hold some experience in the field. It will be best if the inspectors are experienced.

Best customer service

You should be able to contact your inspector any time or even the next day to make sure to solve any of your queries.

Fully equipped inspectors

The team is fully equipped with a moisture meter, a thermal sensor device, a high-resolution camera which will help you to get a better report.

Types of Pests

Several types of pests are identified during pest inspection.


Cockroaches live in dark and warm places and are invisible to your eyes during the day. But with pest control, you can find those cockroaches. And remove them without before they multiply and cause the cockroach.

They are dangerous pests and can lead to food poisoning and other diseases.


They are responsible for destroying your gardens.

Rats and Rodents:

Rats and Rodents live in your house and transfer rabies and other dangerous diseases to your home. They can also cause property damage by biting through wires, and other household items. So if you find any signs of these pests it’s important to consult with a rat removal specialist to assess the damage and come up with a plan to safely remove them.

Fleas and Ticks:

These attack your pets and cause them many kinds of diseases.


Some insects feed on a wide range of house items like food fabrics and paper. They are hidden in the closet basement and books.


They are responsible for destroying every expensive piece of wooden furniture.

Benefits of Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Negotiating the Price of the House

Imagine you want your house with potential pest threats. You can negotiate the price with the seller to reduce the price of the house so that you can do pest control.

Identifying Pest problems

Every neighborhood has its pest problem. With a pre-purchase pest inspection, you can understand the potential or existing pest problems. This can help you to find a professional to deal with them.

No Future Regret

Imagine you are spending dollars on buying a new home, and new furniture, but after a week you find your expensive furniture turned into dust by some termites.

What will it cause?

Heartbreak… of course…. Therefore, to avoid that heartbreak and any future regret you should surely go for a pre-purchase pest inspection.

The Pest Inspection Day

The pest inspection lasts for less than 30 minutes, but it takes longer if your houses, big or have small crawl spaces, basement, etc.

During the pest inspection. The inspector will check everything about your house, including the exterior, interior property.

They are going to search every inspection and remove them from the crawling space.

Yay… that’s why we are talking about pre-purchase pest inspection.

They will also look on for moisture. They will look for moisture reading with a meter.

And looks for other signs such as mud tubes, small Tunnel’s termites to build access to food, piles of wings, aged wood, moist wood bubbling or cracked paint, gnawed wiring, and droppings.


The pest report will be the best recommendation for any kind of problem and solution to those problems.

This report can help you to move further with your investigation and negotiation.

How much does pest control cost?

Normally a pest inspection may cost you a few $100, depending on the size of the house and type of inspection the company is hiring.

But remember that the cost of inspection does not include the price of any kind of treatment, as they are only identifying the problem.

There are some pest control specialists which offer free pest inspection under the condition that you will have to deal with the problem.


So, now are you ready for pest inspection? Whether you are going to buy a new house and looking for a pest inspection in your house, go for the best.

Remember pre-purchase pest inspection and building inspection are as important as looking for other factors.

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