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IPXO A Unique Marketplace for Internet Protocol!

In this digital era of life, businesses need to be empowered through the latest internet sustainability. IP address plays a crucial role in bringing your data transfer secured, timed, and several other benefits. We will talk about a revolutionary movement of the IP world that you will see shortly.

But first, let’s know what an IP address is. Well, what you are sharing on the internet throughout your computer network has made it possible for IP or Internet protocol addresses. It generally allows our computer to trace, send, and receive information. Currently, there are two types of IP available, IPv4 and IPv6. While the IPv4 carries 32 bits, IPv6 has 128 bits. Experts started to run IPv6 for the shortage problem of IPv4 in 1995 initially.

IPXO- A Unique IP Marketplace for Internet Protocol

What is IPXO?

An IP address is just like your unique identification card number, isn’t it? It assures you and your business to stay safe for your regular work. Recently, an IP lease and monetization platform has arrived, named IPXO. It has become the first commercial registry that has developed through a broad vision.

With the motto of driving the businesses to monetize the IP spaces, IPXO starts here. This unique platform is a stunning internet protocol marketplace for monetizing unused and untouched IP resources. Also, you will be able to alleviate the IPv4 deficit problem.

Vincentas Grinius, CEO of Heficed has recently announced the world’s first accessible IP marketplace- IPXO. Heficed, his formerly named company, is generally focusing on businesses to empower. Meanwhile, it can help you dedicatedly to scale up the IP addresses with bare metal, virtual servers, etc., components.

There are almost 429,49,67,296 IPv4 lease addresses that exist where millions of them are allocated but unused. In this advanced world, there are growing many IP addresses that need focusing on the IPv4 shortage problem. In this area, IPXO can be a unique IP marketplace solution.

What is IPXO

Goals of IPXO

The goal of IPXO is to bring ideal solutions for the sustainability of the internet’s ecosystem. In this circumstance, team IPXO has planned to reintroduce the inactive and unused IPv4 in the open market. As a result, it will help the enterprises to seize vital revenue streaming from inactive IPv4s.

The IPv6 started its journey due to the shortage of IPv4. So, from the initial movement, IPv6 could not make itself more viable and sustainable. So, it is high time we needed to solve the IPv4 deficit collaboratively until IPv4 gets matured.

IPv6 allows using a 128-bit address that can combine a higher number of unique addresses. Meanwhile, it is very crucial for transferring the whole network from IPv4 to IPv6. It will be a great solution for top and renowned companies.

Why IPv4?

However, it is not a great solution for everyone. Because less than 30% of all internet-connected networks promote IPv6 connectivity, organizations transitioning to IPv6 will have to run IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously which is both slow and expensive.

Everything has got some drawbacks where IPv6 is not uncommon. The reason behind its setbacks indicates that not more than 30% of internet-attached networks use IPv6. So, if the rest of the networks want to cope with IPv6 from IPv4, it will require more expense.

Besides, networks will turn slower. In this case, many experts feel that a shared model of IP addresses is better.


The world needs an alternate way to make the latent IPv4 addresses useful. Moreover, the added layers in it could make it much more complex and become cost-expensive. To maintain the regular flow of transferring data, resilient and clever approaches will work nicely for us.

Incentivizing ISP (internet service providers) can be an alternative to bring the unused IPv4 into the open market. IPXO can be the best marketplace to trade-off IPv4 and makes the business network more secure and advanced.

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