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Industries Which are Advancing Due to Technology

In today’s world, no company can survive without introducing technology in their functions. Every company is keen to build their own digital footprint by creating apps, adopting innovative technologies and leaving behind old working methods to reach new heights of success.

Here are a few industries that have adopted the latest technology in their operation.


Gone are the days when we used to wait for the newspaper to get all the breaking news updates. Media has become very progressive in the past few years due to the introduction of new technologies. We have many dedicated new channels streaming live News 24 hrs for 7 days a week. DTH and set-top boxes have made it possible to bring hundreds of channels directly through satellite to your home at a very low price. How cool is that!

Entertainment Industry:

Entertainment is another industry which has changed by leaps in the past few years. Multichannel television subscription has been out there for quite some time, but the latest trend is to get streaming services such as Netflix and Prime. Millennials have started preferring streaming services instead of DTH.

Smartphone Companies:

The industry which has seen a drastic change in the past few years is smartphone companies. Every year, hundreds of new smartphones are launched with multiple features for different types of users.

Security Companies:

Technology has really enhanced the security functions. Everything has become automated. sensors, cameras and alarm system are all due to technology advancement.

Automobile Industry:

The automobile industry has also used the latest technology to build new trendy cars. This industry has gone as far as building self-driving and self-parking cars which is absolutely amazing.


Technology has made it very simple for people to do banking and manage their finances. Technology has made it possible for us to not visit a bank at all and get all transactions done online. Every bank has a dedicated secure app. An online transaction has become very popular with people. Investments can also be made online without physically visiting any bank. Digital wallets and credit cards have also made it very easy for people to make transactions and payments.


Healthcare industry benefits tremendously with the advent of modern technology. The face of medicine has changed drastically as technology has introduced us to many machines and equipment which are highly valuable and useful to a medical practitioner.

Educational Field:

The latest educational trends are all about blended teaching where students are encouraged to learn both, in the classroom as well as online learning. There are multiple educational apps developed to enhance the learning experience of the student. Online training, tuition and certification courses are also done through an interface. Video conference has made it easy for students to interact with teachers from the comfort of their home. Advanced technologies such as a 3D printer, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence have uplifted the quality of education by giving the students an opportunity to learn via much-advanced approach.

Every industry we know is making use of technology in some way or the other.  Technology is a field which will never stop growing, hence new technologies will change the shape of how various industries function.


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