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Incredible Inflatable Tumble Tracks For Your Gymnastic Madness

We all have gone through those rough sports classes. Millennials today remember their school or college days where sports and athletics were filled with enthusiasm and high sportsmanship with the support of wounds, bruises, and injuries and most common ointment. Well, that made us tough no matter what, but if thought through technical perspectives, there was a clear lack of safety to the people engaged in sports such as gymnastics.

Gymnastic Madness


Gymnastics is a sports form played or performed in a group or by an individual. Nowadays, there is a proper arrangement of safety specifically for gymnasts, for instance, inflatable tumble tracks. These tracks deliver cushioning for the players that are either above the ground level or with high acceleration.

For those who are unaware of the product, it is an air filled track designed to be assembled on the activity track. The surface is durable and smooth enough to control your motion in a sophisticated way and keep the athletes and gymnasts away from wounds and injuries. Before moving ahead to procure any sort of air tracks, you should probably understand the precise requirement of tracks according to the size, as the application of this air tracks can differ sport wise.

The use of air tracks isn’t limited to sports clubs, colleges, universities, or schools as you can simply place it in your backyard, lawn, or take to the beach. Just one thing needs to be kept in mind is keep sharp objects away from it as it can puncture the whole thing and ruin your cherishable moments.

Some of the other advantages of air track are that it takes really low duration to inflate and deflate with constant pressure. Its compact size post deflation makes it portable and handy to carry. It can be rolled and packed in your car with utilizing negligible space. The air track makes no noise while the athletes or gymnasts practice, unlike other mat products that create disturbing noise that distracts the focus of the players.

We do have two such products available on airtrackzone website. So if you happen to buy these air tracks, do consider these below products.

Gymnastic Madness


Blue White Color Airtrick Mat

This track named as Inflatable Tumble Track 15 is available in two sizes; 7x2x0.2m and 23×6.5×0. The company offers two vibrant colors with a track-like marking.

Customize Designed Pink Color Nicholson Airtrack

This track available with a model name Inflatable Tumble Track 18 comes with customization feature. It can be availed in three sizes; 4x2m, 5x2m, and 6x2m. The above-mentioned both the products come with a repair kit in the case of accidental damage. The company also offers a facility to print logo of the buyers with no added cost. The product is sold by the company with a 2-Year quality guarantee with free shipping available in Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Europe, and Canada.

Exercising and workout help to tone your body no doubt. It also helps to stimulate the mental health. However, this inflatable gymnastics precisely follows the principle. Overall quality of the mat is pretty high rated compared to the other products that are for sale on the online platforms.

At the end beyond your passion towards sports, there is one critical factor named as safety which has to be given importance. And this product is made with such intention and objective. Comfortable and focused environment motivates the sportsperson to flourish efficiently.

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