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Increase In The Use Of THC Vape Juice: Should It Be A Reason For Health Concerns?

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, not to anticipate the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly”-Buddha

No, Buddha never proposed or promoted Cannabis use, but is it not what marijuana does to you?

We live in an age where advancements in the fields of science and medicine have not only found cures and treatments for many fatal diseases but also led to increased health awareness. Legalization of Marijuana for health and leisure purposes in many countries and states, and the rising trend of THC Vape Juice usage have initiated a new debate globally; Is THC Vape Juice a reason for health concerns?

It remains an established fact that Marijuana serves many health benefits and a large number of states have allowed its use for medical purposes. However, with the constant rise in the demand of THC Vape Juice and the addition of terpenes, diluents, and thickeners to it, a faction of people are skeptical about its health effects. The love for THC Vape Juice and the amazing high it brings will make most users ignore any health effects it may have, but the good news is, there aren’t any serious risks associated with this wonderful experience.

A common criticism from certain quarters is that people using THC Vape Juice for the first time will get a “high” they cannot handle. But does this not hold true for EVERYTHING you try for the first time? Running is considered one of the best exercises to counter many health issues but too much running for the first time or after a long break can have an adverse effect. It can create health problems; from muscle cramps to an abnormally fast heartbeat. Like everything else in life, take a slow start when trying THC Vape Juice for the first time in life.

Another health concern raised by critiques is that users now prepare their own handcrafted E-juice, and with imperfect knowledge about Cannabis extracts, terpenes or thickeners, they may end up making an unhealthy or potentially harmful Vape Juice. Just because you cannot cook, does not mean you will stop eating. Either you try becoming a good cook, or you order from the market. For the bliss it brings, people can do both for THC Vaping.

Increase In The Use Of THC Vape JuiceWhile no concrete evidence or research links THC Vape Juice, terpenes usage with serious diseases like cancer and heart problems, on the contrary, Vaping is considered a much safer option. People love marijuana, and they will use it for the pleasure it brings, but substituting smoking cannabis with THC Vape Juice and adding terpenes to the mixture gives you the desired taste and it is good for their lungs. Just like e-cigs are better than regular cigarettes. Enjoy marijuana Vaping, keep it classy, keep it discreet, while not affecting your lungs by any means.

Among the best health benefits that THC Vape Juice brings is pain relief. This is the most common reason why cannabis is allowed for medical purposes. People suffering from chronic pain find a much-needed relief in THC Vape Juice as it gives immense pain relief.

If you are health conscious then you must have browsed the internet for all possible ways to ensure good health and avoid deadly diseases. The most common word you come across as the major cause for most diseases is “stress”. THC Vape Juice releases your stress, gives you a relaxed sense of

well-being and thus helps you avoid many health issues.

There is sufficient research to prove that Cannabis helps cancer patients fight the adverse effects of the treatment. Cancer patients taking marijuana experience less nausea which is one of the most frustrating effects of chemotherapy (for Cancer treatment). While chemotherapy fights cancer, patients fight the treatment effects of marijuana Vaping.

Finally, the most important health benefit of Cannabis Vaping; it makes you happy. And that is what life is all about, isn’t it?

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John Paul
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