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Improve Your Workflow with Electronic Signatures

Everyone who wants to develop their business, speed up the work process, and simplify life should try the use of e-signing solutions. It is commonly known that technologies make all life spheres easier and open new perspectives. Global digitalization has brought new opportunities to save time and money. So, digital optimization procedures are necessary for successful development. You can start the workflow automation with simple steps like providing the use of electronic signatures.

An electronic signature is an electronic form of a usual handwritten autograph. This sign is created with the help of appropriate software from diverse appliances like smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. The main goal of an electronic sign does not differ from the assignment of a handmade autograph. They both assure documents’ or contracts’ integrity and authenticity and personal identification. However, the quality characteristics of signs are different. Electronic autographs ensure an increased level of reliability and security. Moreover, they bring more accuracy and convenience to the workflow.

Best E-Signing Solutions with SignNow

Due to the increasing popularity of electronic signing systems, the market is full of various propositions. Every user wants to find an agency that will become a great supporter and assistant in the world of technologies. An excellent option for those who are looking for a high-grade service and a wide range of offers will be cooperation with SignNow.

The SignNow platform is quite easy and convenient to use. A positive sign is that this facility offers a great list of products:

  • E-signatures

  • Document generation

  • Online payments

  • Automation of work process

  • Robotic process automation

  • Web forms

  • Contract management and negotiation

In addition, the SignNow agency is connected with AirSlate, which carries business design, automation, and integration. This platform proposes even more products.

The SignNow platform is famous for its simplicity. For instance, an Application Programming Interface (API) is available for all users. The API allows insetting your electronic signatures into the application or website in only ten minutes.

Moreover, the platform provides e-signing solutions with the use of the following digital tools: Autodesk, Google, Microsoft, NetSuite, Salesforce, Dropbox, Oracle, etc.

In addition, it is possible to read the facilities clients’ experience on different sites. For example, more than 1,400 reviews are available on Trustpilot.

Special Characteristics of Electronic Signatures

The process of creating an electronic signature is quite simple. This procedure is very quick and has only three stages:

  1. Upload the document in the needed form (pdf or docx)

  2. Redact a file and your autograph

  3. Sign the document

The signing process can be implemented with the help of any of your devices. A specific pen or your finger can write a sign directly on the screen. It does not demand a lot of time and effort.

Key benefits of electronic signatures:

  • Time and money saving. The choice of electronic autographs allows refusing of paperwork. No more costs for documents and contracts printing, faxing, and scanning. In addition, there is a possibility to sign anytime.

  • Freedom of movement. The use of electronic signatures gives a chance to successfully work regardless of your placement. Therefore, you are free to travel and emigrate without losses for your business and income.

  • Convenient payment system. All transactions are accelerated and simplified by the use of e-signing solutions.

  • Guaranteed security. The system of electronic signs is the best way to protect any information and personal data. Moreover, the e-signing system is legal in all countries with available relative legislation.

The SignNow Company carries electronic signs for:

  • name

  • email

  • documents, contracts, agreements

  • online apps

  • online forms

  • insurances

  • business operations

  • legal templates

Peculiarities of E-Signing Solutions

The SignNow platform provides e-signing solutions for different areas of life, including:

  • Finance and Tax System. With the help of digital optimization, you can avoid missing deadlines and minimize risks in financial operations. You can control your and clients’ money flows in the fastest way. The most frequently used tax forms can be collected into certain templates.

  • Sales Team. Every user of the e-signing system gets more discounts by collecting signs from multiple partners and customers. It is possible to automate your sales cycle by uploading bills, contracts, and agreements to SignNow.

  • Healthcare Industry. Every healthcare business will attract more customers due to the convenience of electronic autographs. All patients appreciate the security of their personal data and medical history. In addition, due to the automation, doctors can be in stable touch with their patients and support them.

  • HR Sphere. HR agencies have a large base of job applicants and firms-employers. It is convenient to systemize these bases for a quick search of a needed candidate or company.

  • Legal Area. The entire legal system is based on plenty of documents and agreements. Digitalization will save time and money.

  • Education. All progressive universities and schools refuse paperwork due to the nature preservation and convenience of the workflow.

  • Government Agencies. It is important for the government to communicate with the citizens. An automated communication mechanism will help to determine current requests and problems.

  • Real Estate. This sphere is connected with movement through different locations. E-signing solutions will simplify the work on go.

  • Sports Organizations. SignNow allows building winning operations for your sports teams. You can get ticket renewal, permission waivers, and signed agreements.

SignNow provides qualitative e-signing solutions for Construction Industry, Nonprofit Organizations, Business Operations, Life Sciences, Insurance Industry, High Tech Sphere, etc.

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All e-signing solutions are provided in accordance with the peculiarities of a certain business and clients’ requirements.

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