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Important Rust Games Updates You Should Know By 2019

After Rust left Early Access on Feb 2018, it has been the most compelling PC game all being attributed by the cruel survival skills that every gamer is supposed to adopt. The primary objective of the game is survival. However, as much as you are required to do whatever it takes to survive, sometimes it can be hard to put in some more playing hours if you have a busy day schedule hence you risk being raided by other players.

Important Rust Games Updates You Should Know By 2019


Luckily, the developers – Facepunch studios, have gone a notch further to improve the gameplay of Rust and make it more appealing to the players. Facepunch announced that they will be releasing new updates on the first Thursday of every month and can be accessed in Steam’s download section.

Initially, the updates were launched weekly, but after leaving Early Access, Rust developers transitioned to a monthly release. So far, there have been countless updates that have been released which is hard to keep track of the most crucial features. On that note, this article includes the essential Rust upgrades that every gamer needs to catch up on in 2019.

The Electric Anniversary

Rust’s developers have marked the fifth anniversary of the game’s existence by introducing the world of electricity. This update is currently live and treats you into a world of batteries, splitters, and switches.

What can you do with this electricity? Well, the additions will help the players take fun to the next level by integrating this power to light up bulbs, enhance traps and defense systems. More, the electric update also gifts naked citizens with some underwear. Of course, this comes as a surprise after years of these naked citizens roaming the Rust world; now they are dressed in underwear.

A New Town is Born

Rust is a survival game, and the birth of a new town means you need to increase your survival tactics to avoid losing your scrap or your life. It is important to note that everyone you see in this game is a possible threat so you should be extra cautious in this lawless place. Nevertheless, it’s not such a bad place as you can buy weapons from the black market.

Also, in this bandit township, you will find the casino. You don’t have to worry when you are here as the casino is extremely safe because everyone must leave their weapons before getting in. You can try your luck in the casino by gambling your scrap; who knows you could walk out a rich man.

Try the Bow and Boats

Among the feature that comes with the bows and boats is the RHIB boats that score as the fastest way of getting anywhere on the water. However, this impeccable asset is limited to a total of six. Therefore, if you want to own one you need to fight for it against the few that already possess them. On the other hand, the compound bow is also another luxury weapon that players are going to enjoy in 2019. It may seem like a basic wooden bow, but it can make shots of very high speed. However, it takes longer the bow to draw back, and you may end up losing a lot of power while you are at it.

Conclusion The above new updates will make your gameplay amazing as well as take away the gloom of trying to survive in the game. For any updates and news from the developers, you can always check on their official website ( or official Twitter account ( Currently, Rust price is $34.99 on Steam. Click here for more offers from other stores

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