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Importance Of Browser Security And How To Increase It


Having your computer internet-enabled is a great addition to your life, it increases your productivity and amenity by a great number. In order to keep connected to the internet, we need a browser installed on our computer. while surfing the internet, a serious possibility of being under attack of hackers or bad people comes up. That’s why it’s really important to browse the web with foremost security and as the browser is the way to get access to the internet.

Importance Of Browser Security  And How To Increase It

The security of your browser tells you the amount of security you have while surfing the web. Today we will know why you need browser security and how you can have the maximum security for your browser.

Browser security

Browser is the software that enables us to access the internet with a clean interface. It lets us access and do our activities within the website such as login, working, visiting, print, interact with other people, receive and send emails and so on. The browser stores our cookies from all the websites we visit and it stores all our email addresses, passwords, personal information, financial information, bank, credit card information, so on so forth!

So, as you can imagine, if a browser gets vulnerable to some other third party individual or organization, it’s a huge security issue. Your personal information should be kept personal, a browser has to be capable of securing all the information with the most magnitude.

Is your browser secure?

It’s a known fact that most of the popular web browsers cannot be considered secure. Despite the google chrome being the most famous web browser, it’s not even close to the top secure browser’s list. If fact, It’s not a new thing for Google chrome to face allegations of traffic snooping and manipulating the user’s approach.

Although Google is the administrator of chrome, it’s important to understand that the security system of Google is pretty high, but Google also does traffic snooping and manipulates public search results in its own favor. So, it’s now clear that no matter how secure your browser is, it’s important to stay secure from the very browser you’re using as well!

The top secure browser’s list consists Tor browser for Windows, Epic for Mac, Firefox Focus for the mobile platform. If you like the firefox interface and environment and want to use the Firefox Focus on PC as well, You have to install an android emulator on your PC like BlueStacks, then Download Firefox Focus to install it on PC.

What to do for most possible security?

Despite all the odds in your present browser, In order to keep your browser secure, there are a bunch of steps you can take. here are some:

Update your browser

In the technology world, security vulnerabilities come up pretty often, hackers and crackers are very active in finding the vulnerable security options in every browser and website. That’s why the browsers have to keep the security options updated with the latest and best possible securities. All the popular browsers we use, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Tor, and so on, does give the users security updates every few days or so.

Newer updates contain better security and better possibility to fight updated malware, viruses, and hacking tools. So, keep your browser up to date all the time, whenever your browser notifies you to update your browser, do it. Some of the browsers don’t notify you to download and install new updates.

Viruses and tools to avoid

A virus is a software designed to sometimes find out the vulnerable weak points in a system and attack it to break the security and even take control of it. To keep safe from viruses, malware, trojans, and other spy and hacking tools, know what to avoid while surfing the internet and what precautions to take.

Or a malware or trojan can get into your operating system and take over your whole computer even worse, they can hijack your important, personal data and demand ransom from you to give them back. Some of the most popular and dangerous viruses and malware are:

Keylogger: This software is a very well known software that is designed to collect victim’s data with the stroke of the keyboard and send them to the hackers. It can identify your high-secure information like email addresses, passwords, banking information and so on that you type with your keyboard. 

RootKit: It gets into your core system and extracts sensitive information with the possibility of doing anything it wants with those data. Moreover, it can affect the system functionality and corrupt or delete system files, making the operating system no longer accessible. 

Flaw Exploits- This virus can copy all your browsing and login information to various websites, delete or corrupt user’s system files and damage system drives. 

Denial of service: This particular malware will prevent you from accessing the internet by consuming the whole bandwidth or network access resources and the hacker may demand ransom to take it off.

Bottom line

There are so many other precautions you may want to take in order to be safe from hackers and viruses. You need to move online smartly, know what to click, what not to. Make sure you avoid any third party website to download any software, such as Photoshop, MS Office, etc. Keep your spam mailbox empty, don’t allow Pop-ups on in your browser, don’t forget to activate the firewall security that comes with the Operating system, and for more security, you can use a renowned antivirus program like Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, etc.

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