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Identity Theft Insurance: What It Is and Why You Need It

Three Reasons to Seriously Consider Identity Theft Insurance

Do you check and send email regularly? Do you make purchases online? Have you ever entered your personal information, in any capacity, on the internet?

Most likely the answer is,“yes!”.If so, you have opened yourself up to the threat of identity theft. It’s a scary thought, that one seemingly innocent act on the internet can turn your whole life upside down. While nothing is 100% preventable, there are better ways to prepare for the worst-case scenario and protect yourself against identity theft.

Vulnerable To Identity Theft, And How to Protect Yourself

Identity Theft Insurance

With security risks rising daily, many insurance companies are now offering identity theft protection service. This insurance can cover any damages you incur if your identity is stolen. If you’re considering adding identity theft insurance to your current policy, protecting against your Gmail account getting hacked, protecting your identity, and protecting your credit are all strong reasons to invest in identity theft insurance.

Email Hacking

On May 4, 2016, over 272 million email accounts were hacked, including 24 million Gmail accounts. Google has more than 1 billion users, so while 24 million Gmail accounts may sound small, it is still significant. This event is also proof that even one of the largest email account providers in the world is not immune to the threat of hacking.

Your Gmail account can provide a lot of information about you, as can the emails you send and receive. Besides your hobbies and friends, any shipping confirmations or bank statements can provide a lot of personal details to a hacker.

Identity Theft

In addition to your email accounts, you also should be concerned about your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. In some cases, you reveal even more personal information on social media than you do through your emails. Social media posts contain details about vacations, your neighborhood and sometimes even family photos. These posts seem harmless, but they provide a source of entry for any hacker who wants to learn more about you and your personal information. Once somebody can trace where you live or any other detail of your life that is all they need to steal your identity.

Credit Theft

As you make purchases online, every time you enter your credit card information, you put yourself at risk for credit theft. Without credit protection, credit theft can cost you more than all the money in your bank accounts combined. It can also put your future credit rating at risk and make future financial decisions (like buying a home) much more difficult.

For these situations, identity theft insurance can help you recover any losses you may suffer during this horrific experience. With everyone relying so much on the internet today, you need to make sure that you are protected for all situations and scenarios, both offline and online.

In addition to talking to an insurance agent, make sure you take other steps to keep yourself safe from identity and credit theft. Be careful what information you provide online and in your emails. Only use secure purchasing sites, and download the LogDog app. This free app contains features that address the security needs of all three of the threats discussed above, from inbox scans to credit monitorings.  LogDog monitors all your accounts and alerts you as soon as there is any suspicious activity.

For more information about the LogDog app and the latest developments in identity theft protection click here.

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