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Husband’s Xbox Live Party Chat Habit is Ruining Our Marriage

How a Gamers Addiction Can Lead to Divorce

A marriage is a two-way street that should always meet somewhere in the middle. It does not ever meet at the center because we sometimes fall short of our share. Each couple is different, and they work out their problems in their way. Sometimes when the couple cannot meet somewhere in the middle of a decision, it ends with divorce and contacting family law attorneys.

Gamers are people who love Xbox, PlayStation, and other consoles that work on or offline. Their time is solely devoted to the game that they forget the responsibilities of life and their family and friends. There is nothing wrong with having hobbies, but marriages fall by the wayside when those hobbies take control.

How a Gamers Addiction Can Lead to Divorce

The Addiction

Either party can become addicted to games and playing live with others. When it becomes an addiction, responsibilities are no longer a priority. A person who is an addicted gamer can stay hours without leaving the screen or monitor. It becomes their little make-believe world that takes over reality. The spouse and kids, if they have them, will feel like they do not exist. Problems will continue to build up until the moment of truth happens to where divorce is in the cards. It is a horrible addiction that affects the entire family. Sometimes the gamer will quit going to work or lose their job over these games. When they are home, their family needs them, but they refuse to turn off the game. Sometimes they find themselves in relationships online with others that mean more to them than their family. These are the worst instances that rip a family and a marriage apart. Being a gamer who is an addict is no different from having a drug or alcohol problem. Any addiction can ruin relationships if the person does not acknowledge they have a problem. Unfortunately, the ones who suffer the most are the ones who are second place to the addiction.

Splitting Up the Family

Every family has its different settings. Traditionally the man is the protector and provider. The woman assists in providing because it takes two to have a job these days to meet the financial budgets. It is the children’s responsibility to go to school and help out with the house chores. If either spouse is slacking in their duties, the weight can become unbearable at times, and it is unfair. After so long of carrying the weight, the person cannot take it anymore, and they give up. Some manage, but they are few and far between.

Divorce is at an all-time high and continues growing. There will always be fingers pointed in certain situations, but no one comes out the winner in the end in divorce. Addicted gamers and those who put their marriage last on the list usually end up the same way if their spouse seeks attention. We all need our space, but sometimes the area is a mile away from those who love us. The best way to work out these situations is if the person who is addicted can get help. Sometimes, they enjoy it, and all they need is time management. They do not have to give it up entirely if that is who they are. It is also up to the spouse to realize that too.

Once It Reaches the Family Law Attorney

Divorce is never easy. When every avenue is taken to get help, and the person who is addicted to games does not change, the unfortunate happens. Usually, that is when the person wakes up, but it is too late. Before they know it, they are alone and do not have the responsibility to tend to their children if there are kids involved, and they lose all rights due to their addictions. A family attorney will see to each side as to follow the community property laws of each state.

In the end, if the divorce goes to court, the judge will have the final say in the matter. There is no way around the system if the person at fault is an addict. The courts will never side with an addict without them receiving professional help. How far they are willing to go depends on them. If the steps were made to get help, the judge might also consider them, but so many times, these are the issues that ruin family life and marriages. It is hard to fix anything once it reaches this point of no return.

If Things Were Different

We must be all individuals with our likes and dislikes whether we are married or not. To change a person to fit our needs is the best thing to do. To help a person who is an addict of any sort is the right thing to do. The bottom line is, they have to want to change. The only way they will change is if they see and completely understand what they are fixing to lose. Nothing is worth losing your family over, especially games.

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