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How Your Event Wi-Fi Network Channel Can Be Turned Into A Marketing Tool

Setting up a strong and successful wireless network in events and places for fairs, congresses, exhibitions, and business meetings is a service increasingly in demand. A flexible Wi-Fi network system is ideal to involve visitors and meet their needs effectively. And here we will explain how you can use your WiFi as an effective marketing tool.

 How Your Event Wi-Fi Network Channel Can Be Turned Into A Marketing Tool

Easy access to the Internet for visitors

No one likes to access a wireless network through time-consuming and complex authentication methods. Thanks to today’s captive portal system through which users can connect to the event wifi using different authentication methods, such as email, telephone number, compiling a personalized form, and social media account login.

The social login system of the latest Wi-Fi system allows users to authenticate using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. Using this way, those who visit events, fairs, exhibitions, and conferences can access Wi-Fi networks in an easy and fast way.

Also, a sound event Wi-Fi system facilitates access also to exhibitors and event speakers, thanks to the possibility of configuring up to a high number of SSID for each access point.

Just, for example, it is possible to configure an SSID protected by a WPA pass for the staff and organizers of an event and to other SSID for accessing Wi-Fi visitors through social login. Isolating customers, an agile event Wi-Fi network system guarantees a 100% secure Wi-Fi connection.

Better experience for visiting

The places of business, art, and other sectors can successfully enjoy the good event Wi-Fi system’s login page, which is receptive and available in different languages, to enrich the experience of the participants.

In fact, it is possible to add a lot of information through videos or images, like the complete catalog of exhibitions and art collections in progress in an organization, maps and recommended routes of fairgrounds, etc. This way, a good event Wi-Fi network becomes a very powerful tool to share interesting and useful content with the audience.

Successful data capture

Using an agile event Wi-Fi system’s control panel allows network administrators to analyze the collected data of users during the verification process to Wi-Fi, such as telephone numbers, emails, interests, etc.

Also, visitors, data can be integrated with marketing platforms; for example, the network administrator of an event can send personalized emails to communicate to audiences about the next event.

By this way, event venues can improve the segmentation of users according to their behaviors and preferences and can offer a more custom-made and quality service to visitors. 

Better social reach

Event organizers can enjoy the social Wi-Fi of a good event network system along with social media to quickly strengthen their social network reach.

For example, asking the participants of an event to publish “I am here” of their location on Facebook or to “Like” on the Facebook page of the event are successful strategies to attract new visitors without much extra effort.

Also, with user data collected through event Wi-Fi system can create custom audiences on the Facebook page to further increase the number of “likes” on Facebook and online visibility of events.

Unlimited scalability

An agile event Wi-Fi system work like a SaaS that offers excellent scalability to an event organizer, from small networks that use a few Wi-Fi devices to large networks that have hundreds of routers installed.

A countless benefit of the good event Wi-Fi network system is the “pay as per use” formula that allows a high number of users to connect without additional costs. As a result, expenses can be managed and predicted, and a high ROI can be obtained.


Wi-Fi is now recognized as a powerful tool for places to retain customers. In a recent survey, 62% of business owners surveyed said they spent more time in those places where WiFi is available. In addition, 50% said they are willing to spend more money when they have access to a Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi connection in your event also allows you to customize the customer experience. A good Wi-Fi system serves its clients all the features as mentioned earlier so their audience can access the network automatically and make them feel at home.

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