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How Web Hosting Is Done?

The advancement of technology has led to the access of internet becoming easy. Web hosting is a service enables people and even companies to make sure their website is easily obtained through the web that is used globally. Many companies have then emerged with the main goal of providing these services and also data and the best connection of the internet.

In this article we shall learn how web hosting is done and how companies that offer this service carry out this process in three main steps.

Web Hosting Is Done

1. Registration of a Domain Name

A domain name is a group of words or even numbers or hyphens used to name a site. The domain names give one the right to possess a site and nobody else can get access to that name. These names are put in form of IP addresses because they are hard to forget compared to just a consequence of many numbers. It is recommended to choose a domain name that is closely related to the website that is being opened.

The name should not be long. Domain names are registered in a registry that is central. This registry is controlled and maintained by the organization that validates the registrars of domain names known as InterNIC. These registrars must be given warrant by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

After the name has been registered, it is given an extension at the end. There are many extensions offered, one is .com that is commonly used and there are other unique extensions like .aero and coop. If one has more than one domain names, they are recommended to register them all through one registrar to reduce the registration costs. The least time one can register a domain name is one year and the more time the registration contract takes the less price one pays.

2. Website Hosting

After the domain name has been selected and registered by a web host on the Domain Name Servers of the registrar, the web host advises the client to set up a password and informs them on the servers of their domain names which link the name and the Internet Protocol address. To prepare a website to publish it on the World Wide Web, one has to inform the registrar of the DNS of server about their domain name.

After getting the DNS information one can access their account using the registrar’s website which takes one day after registration. A hosting company such as SiteGround ensures its clients enjoy fast website speed as they use their site because severs send their files very quickly after a request.

3. Website Uploading

Immediately after opening an account and setting the DNS one can have the permit to upload the web pages using a File Transfer Protocol. This protocol enables the shifting of files from one computer to another and the web host guides one where and how to upload the files depending on what you are using and what mode they should be sent in. If the files are shifted the wrong way, they can have errors.

Another method of transferring files is the use of the Microsoft FrontPage but one has to have its extensions installed by the web host on the website. After the whole process is completed, the page is saved at the right place on the server using the latest software.

It is necessary to get a web hosting company to help one through this process since they guide and direct someone on what to do and what not to do.

Therefore one should go for the best hosting company depending on what category their website falls under in order to get the best services.

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