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How vCloudpoint Improved RDS in Centralized Computing Environment

vCloudpoint is a cloud computing company that focuses on delivering innovative computing solutions to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. With groundbreaking technology and a dedicated workforce, vCloudpoint aims at helping its clients obtain high ROIs on their computing infrastructure.

In this article, we will know more about this company’s new reality, its products, and how vCloudpoint improved RDS in centralized computing environment.

RDS in centralized computing

vCloudPoint Main Products

Shared Computing (RDS)

Their shared computing products or Response, Deliver, Support (RDS) enables many users to share and access limited resources that would normally be available on a single PC or host. Employees are given a computer that has all the crucial resources for operations, allowing them to work independently. This solution compared with the traditional one, is cost-efficient, resourceful, and is very easy to use and manage.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides users with a virtual workstation that is operating inside virtual machines. Here, users are given their own desktop containing all the key applications that replicate any other desktop computer.

Users can customize their own features on their system. Resources are given on demand, and systems are highly compatible, cost-saving, and can operate efficiently without any extra steps.

The Technology Behind CloudPoint Success

Its innovative technology was the key for vCloudpoint to improve RDS in centralized computing environment.

vCloudPoint’s zero client uses a self-development remote desktop protocol known as the Dynamic Desktop Protocol (DDP) for all shared computing systems. It provides end-users with an advantage as there is no loss in efficiency throughout the system.

vCloudPoint’s vCell User Isolation technology provides users with their private workplace with strict privacy and security measures. Their vDirect Client Rendering technology exponentially reduces server-side CPU usage without the need for expensive GPUs.

The vCloudPoint device is popularly known as a zero client because of its thin client capacity on the PC. It contains no moving parts and it is well equipped with the necessary hardware & firmware to initialize a conversation with the network, begin network protocol processes, and display desktop output.

Some Earlier Problems of the RDS Solution

vCloudpoint improved RDS in centralized computing environment first by studying at its limitations in the past:

Earlier problems with RDS were caused because of it was mainly designed for remote systems access and administration. When used as full desktop delivery, an organization may have incurred in some difficulties utilizing RDS in centralized computing environment.

As a matter of fact, in the past user may have experience poor desktop performance:lagging and delay issues, not smoothly being able to launch application or scrolling through files and webpage, illegible audio, and even frame rates drop when playing videos.

As for Multi-user related issues, it used to be tricky to handle multi-tasks. It was possible to have problems sharing OS instances and resources.  Furthermore, there were some applications not running as they were not designed for session-based access by multiple users.


vCloudPoint could improve RDS in centralized computing environment thanks to its new technological progress.

Through DDP (Dynamic Desktop Protocol) utilization, vCloudPoint can grant a better and full desktop experience. Smooth desktop delivery, high frame rates when viewing videos and images and play synchronized audio all by preserving the server CPU. On top of that multi-task processing has been optimized.

If that were not enough, vCloudPoint improved RDS in centralized computing environment through zero client employment by further reducing the costs and maintenance at the endpoints.

vCloudPoint improved RDS

Benefits of vCloudPoint New Proposal

CloudPoint improvements to RDS in centralized computing environment bring a direct benefit to all organizations and their employees.

Your business will profit by the optimized workspace which will consequentially result in improvement in productivity. The centralized management will cut your expenses and with zero clients your stored data will be all encrypted, therefore safe from security breaches.

Zero Client Computing


vCloudPoint has outdone itself by further improve RDS in centralized computing environment. Its computing solutions help companies to reduce unnecessary computing infrastructure costs, improve security, and reduce as much as possible the downtimes. These optimizations allow for increased productivity and, eventually, revenue.

vCloudPoint handles all complicated RDS related issues by supporting you to effectively develop their business.

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