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How Valuable is it to have a Live Chat Service

As most of you know, your customer care can either make or break your eCommerce industry. It is because it represents a role in supporting and retaining your connections with your existing clients.

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Outstanding service is so valuable to consumers. In fact, over two-thirds of Americans are ready to spend more on brands with excellent customer support.

Furthermore, excellent service can efficiently transform a website visitor into a paying customer. Primarily it’s the goal of every business, so I can assure you that this one’s a great read!

We’ve determined to share this well-researched list of our top reasons why LiveAgent’s live chat software can be handy for your online business.

Live chat provides convenience.

Live chat software quickly performs it easy for customers to communicate with your customer care team. There’s no need to call the hotline number. Typically customers wait in queue for a long time until someone from your team picks up the call.

A live chat tool can immediately connect a customer to a support agent. It allows customers to receive immediate answers to any problems they may have.

Let’s say that a possible customer wants to know whether you can dispatch items to their place. Usually, you can set up a FAQ section in your chatbot for questions like these, automatically replying to such queries.

Furthermore, chatbots let customers multi-task. For example, when customers wait to begin chatting with an agent, they can do something more to pay their invoices online.

With a live chat agent, the days when a client has to pick up the phone and wait on hold for a couple of minutes or hours are history.

To save operational expenses.

A comprehensive benefit of executing live chat software in your business is that you can save money. Here’s the thing: customers usually reach you via phone or email. However, this is time-consuming for both participants involved. It can also become considerably expensive as you will require people to answer the phone and answer emails.

Live chat, however, enables your customer support agents to address many queries at the same time. Consequently, you get to cut down on labor costs while empowering your team to be productive.

In addition, live chat allows you to streamline your customer support methods because it will enable you to solve customer concerns right off the bat, minimizing occurrences of unresolved backlogs. As a result, your second and third-tier customer support representatives can focus on more advanced matters.

To have a competing advantage.

According to Josh Ledgard of Kick-Off Labs, live chat assistance allows you to distinguish your eCommerce delivery service from others.

First, it allows you to reply to customer queries quickly. There’s no need to put any incoming questions on hold since a live chat tool enables you to address multiple problems at once.

Second, live chat makes it comfortable for customers to contact you. Not everyone is satisfied talking to someone over the phone. Thus, it’s helpful to have an online tool that allows these types of people to reach you at any time with the least effort and anxieties.

Third, it allows you to settle concerns as soon as possible. There’s no need to shift or delay ticket resolution unless it’s needed. Hence, live chat support prevents bottlenecks from happening in the customer support process.

So, if you believe that your customer support agents need support, consider checking out LiveAgent, to give you a competitive edge.

To improve the online experience.

As stated earlier, live chat support offers it comfortable for customers to contact you. There’s no need to check what they are doing to get in touch with someone. Instead, they can go to your website, start the chat widget, give their query, and allow the support agent on the other end to answer it.

Additionally, executing live chat support allows you to recover as many abandoned carts as possible, as 57% of online customers leave their shopping if they fail to receive an instant answer from customer support.

Furthermore, providing instant assistance to someone on the fence when making a purchase is one of the most significant features your online store can give. By doing so, you can enhance a customer’s online shopping adventure and increase your possibilities of producing a sale from their visit.

Just put, LiveAgent’s live chat software can come in very helpful when it comes to eCommerce fulfillment.

To gather more helpful customer insights.

Aside from giving the best support to customers and generating sales, live chat also enables you to study more about your customers. It will let you collect customer data, which appears handy when creating an efficient marketing strategy. Getting this kind of trend is not just something you can get elsewhere.

First and foremost, customer data enables you to obtain more useful customer insights, helpful when promoting your products and services. You can also use this data to determine how to expand your business and allow it to grow in the best way possible.

However, you need to evaluate your chat histories and records to proceed. After you carefully analyze it, you can collect valuable information, such as commonly asked questions that point to common consumer pinpoints. You can also use these details to gather general words and phrases that your customers use to describe your goods.

To create and sustain contacts.

Here’s the thing: not everyone who checks your eCommerce section will order from you right off the knock. Nonetheless, you can do something that will help your site guests keep coming back.

Fortunately, LiveAgent’s live chat software can also come in handy in this sort of circumstances. You can manage your live chat system to obtain connection information from your website guests to follow up with them.

Nonetheless, for that to occur, you must first establish your live chat system to collect customer data before a chat session starts. Doing so allows you to recognize your customers, provide them with a personalized encounter, build an avenue for nurturing your connection, and enable you to transform them into paying customers.

To provide customer satisfaction.

Live chat tools were best to provide quick and significant customer service and support. It has the most excellent customer satisfaction rate among all customer support channels because it lets you offer quick recommendations in the most effective way possible.

For instance, say that a customer wants to understand whether buying multiple products on your online store makes them eligible for free shipping. All they would need to do to see the answer is open up the chat widget, post the query, and then wait shortly for a reply.

There’s no need to call someone on the phone and stay on hold for a long time to receive a reply about something that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.”

To create meaningful connections.

While eCommerce generally gives comfort to you and your buyers, having this platform also poses a challenge when creating customer rapport. It is usual for customers to be doubtful about making purchases with someone they have not met in person. Still, you can relieve your customer’s concerns with LiveAgent’s live chat software because it lets you have direct communication with them. It supports you in building your customer’s trust and a good relationship with them.

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