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How To Write Skills On Resume? Pro Advice

Skills can be considered even more important than experience or education. They reflect the talents and abilities necessary for the specific position. Herein lies their value for an employer. Actually, this section shows whether a candidate will cope with the aims and functions of the job.

How To Write Skills On Resume

If you do not want to risk your career, pay close attention to this part of a resume. A proven way to come with it is to turn to specialists. Thus, experts from the best professional online resume writing service have seen thousands of CV, applications, and other documents for job search. So, they can definitely provide you competent advice. 

  1. Write about relevant skills

A one-page rule for resumes still matters. That is why be concise and select only those abilities that are helpful for a specific job.

2. Make a separate section

Recruiters often look for skills-based resumes. If they do not notice this paragraph on your document, they will most likely skip it. The truth is HR specialists rarely read between the lines. Nobody is going to investigate your paper from A to Z, trying to guess what skills you hide. So, you’d better make some room on your resume and put a proper heading — Skills.

3. Be ATS-friendly

Try to guess what your future employer searches on the Internet. Your resume must contain these keywords. In this case, an applicant tracking system will notice your document.

4. Put it first

A skills section looks better when it is situated at the beginning of the resume. It catches the recruiter’s attention and forms the first impression. Your abilities and talents describe you as a person and as a professional. Help an HR manager to realize who and what you are. But the most important thing is to convey to him/her that you are the best applicant for a specific position.

While writing this section, give answers to the questions:

  • What are my greatest talents?
  • Why should they hire me?
  • Which my talents match or at least can stand near the job description?

Must-have skills: hints from top resume writing services

Obviously, a list of skills depends on the employer’s requirements and your own potential. These variants are provided for consideration and inspiration.

Hard skills

  • Content: writing, foreign languages, speed of typing;
  • Data: data analysis, forecasting, big data processing;
  • Internet technologies: coding, design, test analysis;
  • Hard science: Higher Math, Statistics, Theory of
  • Probability;
  • Online marketing: social media advertising, search engine optimization.

If you are a certified specialist, highlight this fact compulsorily.

Soft skills

  • Politeness;
  • Willingness to help team members;
  • Ability to switch between tasks;
  • Leadership;
  • Ability to take hard choices;
  • A talent to explain and convey information.

What if you order a skill-based resume from professional online writers?

It is a good idea to hire a person or a company (e.g. that specializes in writing resumes that are specifically tailored for job searches and career promotion. Yet, first, you must consider the following points.

  • It should be a legal enterprise. If you purchase any custom service, this procedure must be lawful. It deals with a resume, a cover letter, a personal statement, and all the documents you buy.
  • The price must not be very cheap as a high-quality document is a priority. An affordable cost is enough.

Top skills in 2020 according to resume writing services has revealed the most popular abilities that will be appreciated this year.

  • Analytical talents;
  • Ability to explain difficult things and read between the lines;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Emotional intelligence and stability;
  • Tolerance.

Skills section for UK content writer as an example

  • Unique writing style, impeccable grammar;
  • Editing skills focusing on details;
  • Ability to work with both routine and creative tasks;
  • Respect for deadlines;
  • Languages: British English (native), German (upper-intermediate);
  • Instruments: Grammarly, Hemingway.

A skills-based resume is a good solution when you lack relevant experience. HR experts from top resume writing services advise focusing attention exactly on savvy and capacity. It is your best chance to prove value and significance for a company.

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