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How You can Generate more Leads with Sales Automation Tools

Sales automation tools can help your sales team to perform day to day tasks more quickly and more effectively augmenting the human intelligence with the relevant data and insight. Sales team perform a huge number of activities – from prospecting and discovery calls to in-depth engagement with the relevant accounts. Today, there are a huge array of technologies that can help the sales professionals to perform all these activities automatically.

Most of the sales and automation tools are not going to replace the manual sales tasks. They mainly provide guidance on the process, additional data and removing the manual activities. By automating the sales activity, you can not only save time but can also become more effective and gain visibility over sales activity.

Lead Generation to optimize your Marketing Approach

Sales Automation Vs CRM

Sales automation does not mean CRM. We can say that CRM is the first stage of the automation journey. Some CRMs can do more than just the basics. They might include the automated prospecting, list building capabilities, integrated telephony and more.

What can you automate?

While there are not many things you can automate, but there are several core activities that can be automated with the help of automation tools:

Automating the Prospecting

The automating tools are making it easier to build the list of relevant prospects. You will get more opportunities the faster you automate the prospecting. This will help you to save time and the number of opportunities. The automation tools give you more and better contact details.

Sales Pipeline Management

The digital systems can help you to push your sales team to the new level by providing them the sales analytics, and powerful feedback to the sales team. You can integrate tools like Outreach and make this process a breeze.

Automate the Scheduling

Another main feature of the automation tools is to schedule the meetings and is easy to automate. Sales automation tools can improve productivity and make your teams more available and responsive to the customer calls.

Automate the Emails and Sales Calls

The sales automation tools tell the sales team when they need to follow up, send automated emails and make the communication more effective. Here is a list of the best sales automation tools.

1. Prospect.io

prospect.io is a modern sales automation tool which is fully integrated with Pipedrive, Salesforce, Close.io, and HubSpot. The Prospect.io chrome extension helps you to find the prospects in one click and launch the cold email campaigns right from your browser straight away. If you are looking for new prospects in less time and with fewer efforts, Prospect.io can help you to focus on what really matters for you.

2. Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin sales navigator is a product that automates the sales prospecting by navigating through the leads on Linkedin and identifying the right prospects. It provides you the Lead builder which is an advanced sales search box that lets you to filter the Linkedin users by the company, job title, industry, experience and more. Linkedin’s CRM integration allows you to pull the lead data directly into the tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic 365.

3. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is AI-powered lead research that automates the list building. You can also provide the criteria like job function or title, industry, and location and receive the verified email address, company, domain, job title, and social media profiles. Data is taken from several third-party providers. The LeadFuze automation tool provides email automation and also help with the personalizing follow-ups.

4. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is extremely easy to use. The two main capabilities that FindThatLead offers is the verifier and the prospector. Both these terms are self-explanatory. The best part about using the Findthatlead is its dashboard. From its single dashboard, you can manage a number of tasks including lead management, lead the search, prospecting and lead uploading.

5. Discoverly

Discoverly uses multiple social networks and on each network to share the information that might help you to complete the sale. Discoverly is a browser extension that that lets you look up your existing contacts in the Gmail, Linkedin, Twitter and see what those contacts are doing on Twitter, Facebook etc. You can also follow their activities on AngelList and CrunchBase.

6. LevelEleven

LevelEleven is a sales management platform. It offers the sales leaders the tools for engaging and coaching the sales team. The platform provides real-time dashboards, personalized scoreboards, sales contests and personalized scoreboard for the reps and an early warning system for the reps who fall behind. It can also help the sales managers and the veteran reps coaches by providing a snapshot of the coached rep’s KPI and see how they improve.

7. InsideSales

InsideSales has two products that help automate the sales pipeline. First on is the predictive playbook that which is an AI engine which helps teams to identify, prioritize and connect with the prospects using the personalized sales engagement plans for calling, emailing and more. The second one is the predictive pipeline which delivers the smart forecasts of the sales performance and identifies what has changed in the pipeline.

Hope this article helped you in understanding the sales automation and the things you can automate in a B2B sales automation enviornment.

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