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How to Use JJSPY App To Track Lying Lovers

How to Use JJSPY App To Track Lying Lovers

Every relationship has its drawbacks. For this reason, it is important to speak out issues and solve them. This will prevent further misunderstandings or creating insecurities. However, it is not easy to disclose your information to someone. As a result of this, it brings the issue to monitor to save your marriage. You will need an app that tracks phone calls, Facebook conversation, WhatsApp messages, text messages, and contact lists.  This article will guide you on how to use JJSPY to track your lover.

Features of JJSPY and how to use

JJSPY is a great software that spies devices without coming in contact. Here are the features to spy someone.

  • Live camera- this will show what your partner is doing.
  • Live microphone- this microphone delivers audio. Henceforth, you will know the type of conversations. You will need a root to listen to conversations.
  • Take screenshots- you can screenshot thing you see.
  • Check calls- it monitors every call your lover makes.
  • Monitor texts
  • Chats- chats have become the main cause of breakups. You will see your partner chatting till late nights but you will not know who they talk through the chats.
  • GPS area- lovers will cheat about their whereabouts and make you believe. Some go for sleepovers and yet still cheat about the location. GPS location can now be tracked by the app.
  • Internet history- browser history is something that you cannot see unless you touch the phone. Nonetheless, the app is your savior. It will show you internet history without any contact. You will see what your lover does on the internet.
  • Take photos – JJSPY is a smart app that sees all the hidden pictures. It is not easy to see hidden pictures on your lover’s phones because they may have passwords. Also, some lovers cannot allow you to view their pictures. JJSPY software accesses all phone images.
  • Live screen- the live screen does the screen recording. It allows you to capture information on the screen. JJSPY is the first app to live screen on android devices. Its control panel allows you to see the live screen. After you have captured the information, save it, and keep for confrontation. Use this feature when your lover is asleep or awake. You will get all the information you want.
  • Keylogger- keylogger is a type of software that tracks key struck on a device keyboard.  JJSPY has this feature to ensure you get full evidence. For this reason,  your lying lover will lack words to lie or explain. It is your partner who will not realize that he/she is being monitored. Keylogger creates notes on the pressed keys. In addition to that, it records activities done in the device.

Why JJSPY is the best?

Easy to use

JJSPY can be used by anyone who is not a geek. It does not involve technical knowledge. You can use it the same way you find it easy to use social media accounts. Therefore you can use it instantly after purchase. People who use this software do not face issues while using it https://www.jjspy.com/. Try and enjoy unlimited features.

Does not need contact

Before purchasing the software, you have to know its safety. Are you going to touch the phone monitored or not? This is an essential issue you have to consider. JJSPY works remotely in devices. It does not require physical access. This means you will be able to reach out to all information without physical contact.


JJSPY ensures your privacy is guaranteed. Everything you get on your partner’s phone will be kept a secret. Even the JJSPY team cannot access the information.


JJSPY does not need a technical set up. It is easy to install and start using the app. You will monitor another device in fewer minutes. Make sure you have a monthly plan to ensure your spying runs smoothly. Also, read and follow instructions carefully.

Dependable software

This app is used by millions of people around the world. They use it for various purposes. Moreover, users have positive feedback about the application.


JJSPY is affordable software. Monthly charges are cheap compared to other spying apps.  Nobody wants to spend three times money on just an application.


This app is flexible and can serve different purposes in minutes. Do you want to track messages, call logs, pictures, browser history, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages? Well, that depends on you. JJSPY is ready to serve you.

Final thoughts       

It is recommended to gather enough evidence before you tell your love about cheating. Your partner will not be in a position to deny the evidence. For this reason, you will a private tool for monitoring. JJSPY has become an international app used by many people. Also, people use it to track various things depending on issues.  It has unique spying features that have enabled people to track their lovers. Above and over, this app offers an unlimited task to spy several activities. It is a reliable and effective software. This means that your identity cannot be disclosed to the other party.

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