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How to Use Cloud Services in Your Business

Over recent years, we’ve seen how cloud computing revolutionized the technology industry. It has transformed how we with data, computers, and the Internet. More and more businesses and organizations turn to cloud-based technology for data storage, IT infrastructure, online platform, data analytics, and many other IT needs.

Because of its numerous advantages, businesses are migrating IT operations to the cloud. Gartner Inc., a leading research and advisory company, forecasts a 28% increase in IT spending on key enterprise IT markets by 2022, up from 19% in 2018. In the same year, the global public cloud services market is seen to reach $331.2 billion.

Top 5 Ways Businesses Use Cloud Computing

While traditional non-cloud IT solutions are still prevalent, organizations that fail to adopt cloud computing will fall short in the competition. Here we take a look at how businesses use cloud services in their operations.

·  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Many businesses have now shifted to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for better IT management and cost-efficiency. Statista estimates the IaaS market to be worth $40.3 billion in 2019, which comprises the majority of cloud-based technologies.

IaaS provides organizations with an instant computing infrastructure that meets their present needs. It enables businesses to scale up and down depending on demand, letting you pay only the resources used. It is cost-efficient and saves you from the hassle of buying and managing on-premise servers and other data center requirements.

·  Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is another type of cloud service. PaaS allows businesses to develop and deploy apps using cloud-based resources. It supports the entire web application life cycle, from building to deployment and down to updating. Because of its ease of access and availability through the Internet, a lot of online platforms now use cloud computing.

Aside from cost-efficiency, PaaS offers a number of benefits such as shorten the coding time, enhance the development team’s capabilities, develop multiple platforms with ease, enable remote app development, and provide an efficient platform for application development.

·  Data Storage

Cloud services are increasingly used for data storage. It provides an easily accessible storage database. Instead of maintaining on-premise hardware and data centers, businesses move their data to web-enabled interfaces. These solutions offer scalability, availability, high-speed, and security. It is also demand-based; hence, you only pay for the actual storage used instead of maintaining an entire data center.

·  Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Conventional backup methods such as using drive or computer are still at risk for physical damage due to catastrophes like fire, flood or storm. According to IT specialists at Firewall Technical, the cloud offers a safe, secure and off-premise environment. Hence, in the case of catastrophes, business information remains safe. Cloud services also enable you to share backup files with other team members.

Data loss can be a major setback to businesses, and can even cause small businesses to go out. Hosting critical business information, data, and programs on the cloud make disaster recovery easier in case of eventualities.

·  Collaboration

Cloud services enable businesses to collaborate with their team as well as with other companies. It allows collaborators, wherever they are located, to access files and data through a shared cloud space. Cloud-based technologies allow you to work privately on projects until it is ready for testing and deployment. Businesses are able to work remotely 24/7; hence with faster and better results.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the ways cloud services can be used in business – and there are many other applications. Hopefully, this gives you an incentive to study and consider using cloud-based technologies as your business moves forward. With cloud computing, you can enhance your IT infrastructure and leverage it to your success and growth.

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