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How to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing: Best Apps to Try

Are you getting worried about your boyfriend’s change in behavior? Or do you feel the distancing between each other, but your partner doesn’t want to speak? Let’s see how to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing and learn what he is hiding.

Why You Might Want to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone?

Before we learn how to view your boyfriend’s cell phone, we should define the most common reasons why you might want to spy on it.

  • You may suspect him of cheating as he stays late at work and goes on numerous business trips without sharing details. In this case, you might want to check on his whereabouts to ensure he’s honest.
  • You may want to figure out why he got addicted to his phone, spending hours with it and trying to text someone secretly.
  • It may be the only way to prove or deny your boyfriend’s disloyalty.

The Most Helpful Ways to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone

Many spying options have a generic problem with their effectiveness. Thus, many of them may not always meet your expectations. Here is a list of working ways to spy on your boyfriend.

  1. Having physical access to his device. It is possible to reach his device and check online or offline activities, like messages, calls, photos, or social media profiles. If you share the passwords, there should be no issue. However, there’s a high chance you won’t know his password or iCloud credentials to make it work.
  2. Synchronizing your devices. To synchronize your devices, you should do a few steps. Go to the targeted phone settings and turn the sync on. Choose your Google account for synchronization. When the sync is on, you will see all his history, passwords, bookmarks, and other profile information in your Google account.
  3. Sharing location. It’s also possible to share location using Google Maps. Make sure he has a Google account. Unlock his Android or iPhone and go to the Google Maps app. Once you tap his profile photo, you will see an option, ‘Location sharing.’ Choose your account to share the location with and for how long.
  4. Using cell phone spy apps. The most effective way to spy on your boyfriend’s phone is to use a trusted and secure tracking app. They allow you to access all activities on the targeted cell phone without being revealed. This method has its pros and cons. So, before using spy apps, get familiar with all of them.

5 Best Apps to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone with Ease

Once you have decided to spy on your boyfriend’s phone, you should choose a secure and reliable spy app. So, let’s learn about the top 5 spy apps you may want to try.

View Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It Using SpyBubble

Best Apps to Spy on Boyfriend's

SpyBuble is an effective monitoring app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone while remaining anonymous. It will take you less than a few minutes to install the app on the mobile phone, regardless of its OS or model. If your boyfriend has an iOS device, only iCloud credentials are required to spy on iMessages, Facebook, Instagram, contacts, and WhatsApp, and no installation. To spy on location and browser history, syncing a QR code using his phone once will be necessary.

The app offers multiple tracking features, providing 5-minute updates on his activities and location changes. With SpyBubble, it is possible to spy on your boyfriend’s phone location and get detailed reports about his movements in stealth mode. Moreover, the app can access his deleted call logs and text messages.

Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Android Phone for Free with Hoverwatch

Spy on Your Boyfriend's Android Phone

Do you want to know how to spy on your boyfriend’s Android phone for free? With the Hoverwatch free mobile tracker, monitoring his device will be an easy journey for you. Known for being one the best keyloggers, Hoverwatch also offers many additional tracking features, such as taking screenshots, reading texts, and monitoring popular messengers like Facebook, Telegram, or Snapchat. You can also use this free app to spy on boyfriend’s phone whereabouts.

Remember to sign up for your free Hoverwatch account first. Then, install spy app on boyfriend’s phone and see what he is doing with his device in your user dashboard. If you are interested in other ways to spy on Android, check out here.

Use Spyic Spy App to Put on Boyfriend’s Phone Stealthily

Use Spyic Spy App to Put on Boyfriend's Phone Stealthily

Another way to spy on boyfriend’s phone without touching it is to use the Spyic remote monitoring tracker. With its help, you can access all hidden corners of your partner’s cell phone as the app is secure, and he won’t be able to detect it on his gadget.

The spy app will keep tabs on his present and past GPS location and activity on social media. Moreover, you will see who he texts or calls, including the most popular contacts list. There is no need to root a device to ensure a decent boyfriend’s cell phone monitoring.

XNSPY Multifunctional Tracker for iPhone and Android Monitoring

Tracker for iPhone and Android Monitoring

One of the most crucial factors in reliable cell phone monitoring is to choose a comprehensive and functional spy on boyfriend’s phone app, and XNSPY is one of them.  Being compatible with iOS and Android devices, XNSPY becomes a perfect solution for remote tracking.

With its help, you will see his texts and IM chats from WhatsApp, Signal, Instagram, Tinder, and others. Moreover, the app offers useful features like calls and surrounding recording or checking his appointments. Please note that if you have decided to spy on your boyfriend’s phone using XNSPY, one-time access to his device is required for a quick set-up.

Advanced eyeZy Spy App for Boyfriend’s Phone

The final app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone is eyeZy. Why might you consider eyeZy monitoring software? It’s a powerful monitoring tool that can monitor everything on your boyfriend’s phone as if you own it. Pay attention that jailbreak or rooting may be required for some extra features.

Moreover, you will find all the required features for a sophisticated tracking experience, such as social app monitoring, seeing his call logs, chats, and whereabouts. The app makes it possible to take screenshots and see deleted messages. You may use eyeZy as a great spy app for boyfriend’s phone monitoring to see the skeletons in his closet.

Pros and Cons of Viewing Someone’s Phone

Each of our actions has consequences, and accessing someone’s device may result in something you don’t expect. So, let’s see the pros and cons of monitoring your boyfriend’s phone.


  • Trust issues may force you to spy on your boyfriend’s Android phone for free or for a fee. Checking his whereabouts may give you peace of mind when he’s going on a business trip or a football match;
  • Phone spying apps can save the targeted person in case of emergency. You will get a notification about suspicious activity or movements;
  • Parents use spy apps to monitor their kid’s safety and block inappropriate content from the Internet that may traumatize their children.


  • Tracking someone’s location or phone activities without asking may be considered a break of privacy;
  • The relationships may get spoiled, and the trust gets lost if your partner or kid figures out about the tracking.

Final Word

So, if you want to track your boyfriend’s cell phone, you may pay attention to any cell phone tracker from the list, as these are the most popular and functional apps available today. They provide comprehensive monitoring experience and can help you to learn more about your boyfriend and his secrets.

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