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How to Run Online Business in This COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s so clear that COVID-19 pandemic has made a drastic effect on businesses around the world. As soon as the scientist discovered that the virus spreads with close contact and also through the air (in a limited range), people started to avoid getting out and then came the lockdown. As a result, customer footfall went down to almost zero for most of the business. And even after the 2 months of unlocking phase, businesses are struggling to get back on track.

The pandemic was unforeseeable, but the effects were. The kind of financial impact made by COVID-19 pandemic can be determined by the fact that around 400 million full-time jobs are lost in 2020.

Whatever happened was out of control but what can be done now to make a comeback is in our hands. Businesses can be back on a profitable track by putting in some effort and taking the help of technology.

And the technology you need to rest on is the internet. As people still fear stepping out to make purchases, the only way to sell is to reach customers at their home, and for that, you need to take your business online.

You may need to push your limits and keep thriving for the outcomes as nothing comes easily. Here are some tips that will help you to take and run your business online successfully.

Have a great UI/UX website

Apparently, thinking of taking a business online without a website is not a sound talk. And that must also be a website with great UI and UX because good is not enough in today’s time. You may need to put in some investment to have a great website which drives traffic. At first glance, it seems like an effort driving nothing for the business, but you must understand that it is the future of your business.

Digital marketing

Getting brochures and banners printed for the marketing purpose is good but not having digital marketing by your side is a drastic mistake. Digital marketing is the revolution that helps businesses to remain in front of the eyes of potential buyers. Digital marketing includes smart-ads that run on the internet and show your advertisement only to those users who have searched for the products like yours. For example; if you are into the gifts business and someone searched for unique gifts for girls, then he/she will see your advertisement. Apart from organic SEO, digital marketing is the most significant tool to drive traffic.

Social Media Profiles

Setting up social media profiles in business names is one thing, and generating leads and loyal customers from them is another. Posting regularly on social media can’t bring you followers. And even posting only about your products is a traumatic thing. Now, if you have a good budget, you can hire social media experts. And if not, then look what’s trending and how you can relate it to your products and services. To create graphics, you can use a free application like CANVA. Also, keep track of your insights and use proper hashtags. Try to communicate with your followers and keep posting contests for free products.

Email marketing, Push Notifications and Offers

While going online, you must keep in mind that competition is high. It’s like you miss, and others hit. And to not miss, you must put things like email marketing and push notifications (text messages) on work. This can be done to make your visitors or previous buyers make a purchase again. And providing special offers and discounts generate positive results. You can also advertise offers and discounts to attract new customers.

Register as a seller on renowned e-commerce websites

If your website is generating lots and lots of traffic, then you are going good. But if not, then what you can do to generate revenue is to register yourself as a seller on e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You only need to list your products, and the rest will be taken care of. And you can advertise about your own website on the packaging of products. It’s like hitting two targets with one arrow!!!

Deliver something extra with every product

To etch your brand’s name on the customer’s mind and make them happy, try sending something extra with every delivery or product. And it depends on your budget. For example: if someone orders a chocolate bouquet, you can send a little card thanking the customer for believing in you. Little things like these make a company a brand name.

Inject the power of online and witness your business reaching heights!

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