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How to promote your gym business

Marketing a business has been transformed in the digital age, gone are the days of traditional marketing as they have ushered in unique ways for the business owner to intersect with the customer. So much of our marketing efforts are concentrated on accessing the right audience and when we factor in the competition aspect of marketing a gym, it takes on an even more important role. Using gym-marketing software that can drive a message that can be shared across many social media channels is ideal to promote your gym and it produces excellent results.


Using gym marketing software effectively, a workout that will leave you fit


  • If you have targeted women for your promotion, you can use a tactic like slimming down and spread it across a social media channel like Facebook. If you can time the advertisement to a specific time of year – like say the first of the year when New Year’s resolutions are made you will find fertile ground using the software.
  • If your gym facility is celebrating an anniversary, you tie a flash special to the event and increase traffic to the location. The message can be disseminated along various channels and sites that attract fitness buffs and give them a chance to compare rates and opportunities.
  • Developing promotional campaigns can be difficult if you haven’t targeted

your market correctly. Dissecting the market to segments allows a gym operator the luxury of intersecting with various groups – like a local corporate challenge – and gym management software helps with the targeting of the specific groups.

  • Using your gym’s website and the management software, you can engage in a promotion by making t shirt design with custom patches for a free workout to draw clientele who are shopping around for a gym to use.
  • If you partner with different social media sites, you can take advantage of different avenues for marketing. You can use Facebook or Google to develop clients with a free pass for a review on Google to kick-off a new or existing promotion. The gym management software will help attract customers and track the results
  • Member profiles can be an excellent way to keep and attract new customers to your facilities. It demonstrates that your gym provides results and helps current members feel good about themselves and they will be a positive force extolling the virtues of your gym. This can be done on your company’s website and it keeps visitors on your site when they visit.
  • Many times potential members will have questions, use your website to answer questions via blog posts, it creates common ground and helps prospective clients make decisions when choosing a gym. Remember, knowledge is power and educated consumer is your best customer.
  • Another way to use the software that powers your gym is to use it with dietary aids. A healthy diet will help someone who is trying to get into better shape and a list of great diets on your website will put you head and shoulders ahead of your competition.


Using technology will help you promote your gym the right way. You need to get the right message out, to the right subset of participants with the right method and that is how gym management software will help your business take off. It will attract new customers, and expand the current service you offer current members. Many different marketing campaigns can run through your gym management software that will reduce manpower costs and keep overhead down when you take advantage of all the opportunities technology has to offer.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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