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How To Play Fortnite Battle Royale Game & Its Tips and Tricks

Battle Royale style games have become the trend of the day where there is a competition between a number of players for survival. Such games are probably the most downloaded and most played games in the market. Fortnite Battle Royal by Epic stands second to Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG), which is similar to Fortnite. Both the games feature a survival death match between 100 players. A shrinking playing zone and decreasing collectable equipment add to the competition. Fortnite is definitely a challenge even if you are a pro in PUBG. In this article, we shall look into a few tips and tricks to play games to increase your chances of survival and winning in Fortnite.


Tips and Tricks to Win Fortnite

#1 Land away from the known locations

If you look at the map, there are a few locations that are named. Fortnite does not have a training mode to help you gain some control over the game controls and weapons. So, you may first want to learn to use your weapons and game controls before you actually encounter some enemy. If you are looking for some thrill and excitement, you can go ahead and land at Tilted Towers.

You have an advantage if you are playing in a PC. You can rebind a few keys and get familiar with the crafting mechanics. This also helps you to prevent getting back to the lobby in the first moment of the game.

#2 Proper Landing

While falling freely, keep your character slightly tilted than at a straight angle downward and let your glider deploy automatically. This helps you to land at a slight angle rather being straight down to earth. There should be some distance between you and your desired location so that you glide horizontally towards it. This also helps you to get up faster and get your hands on the guns before many of the players.

#3 Landing at a Good Place

You need to open your glider before anyone else so that you land where you want to by avoiding an early fight. This helps you to avoid early fights and premature killing. Plus, you might also get lucky and land up in a town which nobody else has picked. So, open your glider a little early and don’t worry, you can always control your direction by opening and closing your glider till you fly.

#4 Carefully selecting your Battles

Select your battles carefully depending upon the weapons that your enemies possess and their capabilities. For example, if you just have a pistol, it is not feasible to open a fight with someone who has a sniper or rocket launcher. So, in such cases, it is better to just lie down and wait. There is no use to pick a fight where you don’t have any practical chance of winning.

#5 Proper Reload Timing

Reload only when it is necessary. Reloading unnecessarily causes a lot of troubles and may also have a risk of getting you back to the lobby. Reloading is recommended only when you are in a safe position. Pay attention to the remaining ammo that reloading it every moment. Nobody wants to be caught defenceless while reloading. Also, keep reloading frequently so that you don’t run out of bullets at a crucial moment.

#6 Watch out for the footsteps

Sometimes, when you can’t see other players, their footsteps will be the only clue to locate them. So, make sure you pay due attention to the sound of the footsteps of your enemies. Also remember that this is a two-way process. Just the way you can hear the footsteps of another player, others will be able to hear it too. So, walk slowly and minimize the sound of your footsteps as much as possible.

#7 Downed Enemies

If a team member of the opposite team is downed, he/she cannot move unless released by their teammate and can’t be completely killed. He/she will just become a means for revealing you to the opposite team and getting you in trouble. The same applies when one of your team members is hurt, the opposite team will always be watching out for you to come out.

These were a few important, basic and fun strategies that help you to win in the race for survival at Fortnite. So, follow these steps and enter the world of better and pro gamers of Fortnite.

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Brian Flores
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