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How To Outsmart Your Opponents In Rummy?

One major reason why Rummy has gained popularity over the ages is that it is a game of logic rather than luck. So, if you have the right strategies and the right practices, you can always win the game by outsmarting your opponents.

It is a common misconception that you will lose money in card games. While some card games are actually based on luck, games like Rummy are played with logic, and there are low chances of losing money. Try out these eminent practices to outsmart your opponents in the best online Rummy cash games.

Outsmart Your Opponents In Rummy

Cards not to Hold:

The game is all about points. The faster you achieve your points to zero, the earlier you win the game. Even if you do not win the game, reducing the points will help you in losing a lesser amount. Thus, one of the most important tricks is to have fewer high-value cards such as K, Q, A, and 10. If you have got them and yet are not able to make a pure sequence out of them, get rid of them as soon as possible.

Cards to Pick:

The most prior thing to do is to get a pure sequence first and then get other sets. So, you should make sure to pick the right cards from the deck. Choosing any card between 2 to 9 is an ideal thing because you will be able to make pure sequences out of these cards much easier.

Use of Joker:

Try to collect as many Joker cards as possible. Once you have got a pure sequence, you can now make use of the Joker card to make sets and complete your game before your opponents.

Game Drop Out:

One of the major mistakes that many players make is to keep on trying to make sequences and sets for a long time. When you do so, and the opponents win the game, you lose out a heavy amount. Thus, if you notice that you are not being able to create a pure sequence within the first few seconds, an ideal option is to drop your game in which you will just lose minimum points.

Analyze the Opponent’s Move:

Have you noticed how some players actually do not give you the option to complete the game at all? This happens because they are experts, and they have an eye on your game.

While you are busy creating your sequences and sets, you should also have an eye on the cards that the opponent is picking and dropping. This way, you can have some idea of what the opponent is up to. For example, if the opponent has picked up card number 5, then there are chances of 3 sets, and these are 3,4,5; 4,5,6; and 5,6,7. So, if you have an option, you can hold some cards with you or can pick some cards related to this set.

Confuse your Opponent:

As you are analyzing the opponent’s move, remember that your opponent is also analyzing your move. Hence, to outsmart your opponent, try confusing the person. For example, if you have created a long chain of pure sequences such as 3 to 7, you can drop out the first or last card to offer a hint to the opponent that you actually are not creating any sequence or set with this card. Similarly, you can discard duplicate cards to get benefits out of them. For example, if you have one King of Hearts and 2 Queens of Hearts, you can discard one of the Queens to make the opponent feel that you do not require it. With this move, you may get a Joker card or an Ace card of Hearts, using which you can get a pure sequence of K, Q, and A, or K, Q, and J.

Truly said, Rummy is definitely a mind game, and you require calculations and logic to play it. You will have to use techniques such as permutations and combinations, logical reasoning, and proper time management to complete your sets faster and reduce your points earlier to win the game. Also, you require some tricks and cunningness to outsmart your opponents and win the game or at least reduce your chances of losing a high amount.

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