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How to make the most out of resume parsing

Resume Parsing doesn’t need any introduction to start with! Most of the organizations are using it for their recruitment process. Without resume parsing the recruitment process looks incomplete and rather a daunting task to achieve targets.

Resume parsing software extracts data from the applicant tracking system converts into structured information or XML format which is suitable for storage, resulting in a digital format.

There could be multiple algorithms a resume parser can use. Large organizations keep their own set of algorithms for data extraction. As this allows a speedy process, fast filtering of an applicants resume and moving ahead to the next process.

What exactly does it mean to parse data?

As per the Wikipedia,” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Parsing, syntax analysis, or syntactic analysis is the process of analyzing a string of symbols, either in natural language, computer languages or data structures, conforming to the rules of a formal grammar.” So, considering the effect on resumes or applicants’ data, Parsing is about decoding the multiple formats in a standard format which can be used easily.

Why parsing?

In a layman’s language parsing is all about analyzing and dividing the complex words and phrases to the readable format. Whenever any organization floats jobs on the portal, receiving applications in different types of formats is quite expected. Rather, it’s difficult to make a single format while applying for jobs. The portal should be user-friendly and an applicant is always free to upload it in either way.

In such cases, the complexity of applications surge and parsing help them to decipher!  Recruiters who don’t want to sift bulk resumes, save time and resource are using resume parsing software to get the most out of it. It’s not possible to waste time and energy on those unqualified candidates, which do not cater to the purpose to any level.

The few recruiting software carries special features for email parsing, which is an added advantage. With this software, received resumes can be further sent to the recruiting database.

 Multiple benefits one can get from Resume Parsing

Resume parsing can do wonders to the recruiter’s job. Imagine a recruiter is handling hundreds and thousands of resumes manually for a handful of jobs. It’s not possible for a human to spend so much resource when the result is far-fetched. This software helps them save time, even in real-time and for future placements.

The data which they get can be used even later whenever they have some vacancy. They don’t need to float the same job profile all the time whenever there is a vacancy. In fact, retrieving the required data is as easy by entering keywords for the required position and filtering out the best talent.

Not only keywords, but many resumes parsing systems also support different languages. It could be from both ways- the recruiter or applicant. Anyone can be bilingual or maybe the company needs someone with two language skills.

So, how does resume parsing software work?

Resume parsing helps to import bulk resumes into recruiting software, formatting them as per the set algorithm, organizing, parses, creates a record and attaching a resume to it for the required documentation.

 After resume parsing process, this software has a feature to rank the candidates based on keywords mentioned on their resume to the posted job. In fact, most of the resume parsing tools have this built-in customized feature which caters as per needs.

A recruiter can choose and filter as the education qualifies, skills or the number of years of related experience. For example, If the company needs a5-7 years of work experience in that job, then they would pick resumes accordingly and keeping that filter in the priority.

The relation between Job description and resume parsing

It’s vital how the job is being posted on the portal. There is a close relationship between job description and resume parsing. In other words, it can be said that the latter depends on the former while it works.

There cannot be any mismatch of keywords when we set keywords and resume parsing techniques, and both are interrelated. Just like a mirror image and this is how to resume parker will look for whenever it is put into action.

For example, Is the job description information has two things mentioned: Master’s in computer science

And Must have 8-10 years of experience, then resume parsing software would focus on these two keywords (Computer science and 8-10 years) as a priority rather than filtering them in another context!

Similarly, just like no two people are the same, two resumes cannot be matched even if they are written in the same format.

People write their own way and set it differently. For a few, skills, education comes as first while others make their objective as foremost. For a recruiter who is handing millions of resumes each year can’t format those as per their own priorities and this is where to resume paring software works wonders

Author Bio: Jayakumar Muthusamy is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improves your marketing, sales or hiring process.


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