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How To Make Money With Your Youtube Videos?

YouTube is one of the biggest internet platforms where different content creators from all over the world come up with new and varied contents. It is a good way to spend your free time making some good videos and putting them up for people to see. This can even be turned into a full-time profession over time. Here are some ways in which you can make money with your YouTube videos.

How To Make Money With Your Youtube Videos

  1. Consistency: First and foremost you need to create a strong audience base. So, first, recognise the kind of videos your audience loves to see on your channel. Bring regular videos of that kind and make sure they follow YouTube community guidelines.
  2. YouTube Partner Program: YPP allows content creators to monetize their content on YouTube. But to be eligible for YPP you need to have at least 1000 subscribers, 4000 public watch hours in the last 12months, and good standing with YouTube. After you are eligible you need to sign the terms and agreements and sign up for a Google AdSense account, then your account goes for review, after which you can earn from advertisements and YouTube Premium subscribers watching your content.
  3. Make your merchandise: After building a strong audience, you can design and sell your merchandise. These may include bags, cups, t-shirts, and many other things. This will increase your connection with your audience and give you more exposure.
  4. License your content: If you happen to create a viral video, or if a short clip from your video gets viral, then license it for media usage. This will result in others needing to reach out to you before using a YouTube converter to convert it and share it with others. Every view or share can make you some amount of money.
  5. Brand deals: Brand deals are a very important part of your YouTube earning. As the youth is crazy about everything that goes on on the internet, the brands are looking for influencers with a large and loyal audience base to invest in promoting their products. You can negotiate a good deal from these brands.
  6. CPM or CPC: AdSense can pay you in two ways, either in CPC that is cost per thousand views or cost per click. Every country has a set CPM amount. A content creator gets paid after every thousand views his video crosses or based on the number of people that click on an ad placed on your video. Google gives you 68% of the total revenue that you make.
  7. Sponsorship: You can have different sponsors for your videos. They will give you a certain amount of money so that you can promote them in a particular video of yours. If you have acquired a good amount of subscribers as well as daily views on your channel, you can approach different brands and offer to advertise their products. Not only can you earn good money, but you can also get some freebies.

These were some of the ways that you can earn money just by making consistent YouTube videos.

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