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How to Make a Good Conference Call When Working Remotely

When working remotely, making a good conference call is essential for communication with colleagues, bosses, and clients. The conference call must be clear and smooth, so all parties involved will easily hear what is being said. Probably the most important thing to check before making a conference call is the speakerphone. Test the sound and see whether there are interruption or clarity problems. Of course, you need to have a phone to make the conference call, although conference calls can be made nowadays through computers as well. In any case, if you want to make sure your conference call is perfect, you should use services from a professional and reliable company that offers such services.

Conference Call When Working Remotely

Things to Do Before Starting the Conference Call

  • Make sure you inform your family members or people you live with that you have a conference phone call scheduled. You do not want to be interrupted during your call. That is why it is important for all people that live with you to know that you will be busy and that you need some quiet time. Find a good place in your home from where you will make the conference call and eliminate distractions.
  • Next, a good thing to do is to deactivate the call waiting option on your phone. Those that wonder what is call waiting? It is a common option when you get notified with a beep when someone is calling while you speak with someone else. Since this can be distracting and can interrupt important conference calls, a good idea is to disable this option until you are done with your conference call.
  • Activate the option for call forwarding when you are on a conference call. That means all calls that are made towards your number will be diverted to another number, so someone else will respond to them until you are available again. You can also opt to use the answering system that is provided by your phone provider. This can be a good option for retrieving incoming messages or calls at a later time.
  • Make sure there are no distractions around when you are on a conference call. Set your smartphone to a quiet or vibrating option, turn off any music or TV. Make sure you create a professional business environment before starting your conference call. That will help you concentrate better on what is being said and will make you more focused when you speak to others. It will also show that you are equally committed and serious about work despite working from home.

As you can see, these are not very hard steps to follow. If you do all of the above, then your conference call will go smoothly and professionally. Remember that conference calls are very important when you work from home, so you must sound and look professional when talking to your boss or colleagues from work. Follow the things mentioned here and have a successful conference call.

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