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How to Leverage Push Notifications for Marketing?

When an app is locked, a web push notification is a message sent to the user through the app. E-Commerce businesses can benefit from push notifications, which are most frequently used for messages and operating system alerts. These messages can help you out with your marketing because they appear on a user’s lock screen. Now is the time to start if you aren’t already using push notifications. Up to 95% of Android users and up to 73% of iOS users choose to get them.

Leverage Push Notifications for Marketing

5 Ways in Which Push Notifications Can Help

Businesses should select the type of web push notification that best suits their needs and avoids using those that do not align with their goals. When you plan these messages with the end user in mind, you’ll be able to assist them in solving issues or give them important information.

Here are a few illustrations of effective push notifications that can boost sales and give customers a more tailored experience.

  • Abandoned Cart

People are reminded of products they placed in their baskets but never actually purchased by web push notification. To increase your chances of making a sale, create unique notifications for various clients based on their profiles. Keep an eye on the open rate of these push notifications so you can keep improving your messaging.

  • Informational Messages

Informational pushes are the most versatile because they can cover any topic:

  • New items and promotions
  • Account warnings
  • Transactional messages
  • Delivery Confirmations
  • Posted payments
  • Reminders for appointments
  • Subscription status
  • Fun facts about your business or the ways that your clients use your software or products

Fortunately, you can apply many of the same strategies used in SMS marketing to push messages because customers are already familiar with them.

  • Rich Pushes

Rich alerts can all include emojis, photos, and other visual components. The fact that these messages sent by the best push notifications marketing platform go above and beyond most of the notifications that a client is likely to encounter on their lock screen makes them noteworthy and eye-catching.

  • Geo-Specific Messages

Want to let someone know they can find your restaurant or store easily? Do you want to offer them a discount if they come in today? Your consumers receive geo-specific mobile push notifications through the best push notifications marketing platform when they are in close proximity to your location. These kinds of push notifications are an effective way for dating applications to inform users when they have matched with a local user.

  • Automated Notifications

Using automated messaging, you can plan notifications for your subscribers based on when they are most likely to be online. This makes it considerably simpler to create campaigns that need to be completed quickly or to raise interest in impending occasions and deals.

Why Are Push Notifications Important?

Getting an advantage today is more vital than ever. Web push notifications can give your customers what they want while gaining an advantage. There are no restrictions on how these messages can be used, even though e-commerce, media, banking, financial, and insurance organisations utilise them most frequently.

  1. Customers are not charged for push alerts. Having no additional fees makes it simpler to gain their support.
  2. Clients choose if they want these messages. Users decide when to opt in or out, so your business won’t face any compliance problems.
  3. Deliver messages to recipients at the appropriate moment and location. At the right time, your business can send customers geo-targeted messaging. You have more control over how and when customers see your messages with time- and location-based pushes.
  4. There will be greater interaction. There isn’t much of a comparison between push messages and emails or other forms of marketing: push messages to perform better! Personalised messaging has been demonstrated to increase engagement ten times more than standardised messaging. Particularly in the following verticals:
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Utility apps
  1. You can provide real-time updates using notifications, whether you want to let the customer know about the weather or let them track a product.
  2. More complex than obtaining new consumers is keeping existing ones. However, push notifications can address that issue. According to reports, increasing app client retention rates by 71% can be achieved by delivering an onboarding notification to a newly acquired customer within the first week of the relationship.

How to Put Together a Powerful Push Message Strategy?

Like other marketing efforts, web push notifications depend on a solid strategy to be effective. Even though every company and customer is different, a few best practices will help you get off to a good start.

  • Always write excellent content with your target audience in mind. Before your clients raise inquiries, respond to them. Keep your message brief and to the point.
  • Start with the current subscriber base. Include a link to invite your social media and email followers to download your app and register to receive push notifications.
  • Encourage individuals to sign up by using social proof. Use your product’s qualities and customer comments about how happy they are.
  • Send relevant and practical notifications. Avoid spamming users’ devices, as this may cause them to disable alerts.
  • Segment your audience and create campaigns specifically for each segment. Segments should be built utilising information about page visits, clicked elements, operating systems, platforms, browsers, locations, etc. In decent push APIs, customised segmentation is available. Conversion rates can increase with personalised messaging.
  • Make it as simple as possible to opt in and out.
  • Following these instructions, you can get your push notifications off to a solid start. As you gain a greater understanding of your clients, keep making modifications.

Wrapping Up

Push notifications often keep people engaged with your company and act as a marketing tool. Depending on your use case, you can choose from various notification channels. While SMS alerts frequently try to convert prospects who do not currently have your application installed, app notifications primarily serve to keep users on the platform.

Of course, manually controlling notifications might get old very quickly. The best push notifications marketing platform enables you to easily and programmatically send messages to your users.

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