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How to Get Started on Migrating to Cloud Computing

Now that a large majority of workers have made the switch to working at home, it’s important for businesses to adjust their policies and productivity strategies. Companies can continue to reach goals and achieve successes by migrating to a more efficient cloud computing model for the workplace. If your company is about to move to the cloud, here are some key steps to take during the migration process.

Cloud Migration

Backup All Data

Transferring your company’s operations from a model that utilizes physical files, multiple computers, and numerous locations to one virtual spot is a huge undertaking. Before you take on this big project that will change the way your company works, you must thoroughly backup your data. It’s wise to have more than one copy of the business data backup files to cover all potential problems that could result in data loss.

Make a Transition Plan

After backing up the data, companies should then be planning their transition to the cloud. Before moving everything over, leadership teams need to evaluate their current applications and determine if there needs to be any changes. Some applications may work better than others over the cloud. Teams should be consulting with expert cloud computing professionals like IUVO Tech to determine what the best path should be for more efficiency in this next chapter.

Migrate Information

Then, it’s time to start moving information and the business structure to the cloud. There are different ways to do this. One option is to move everything over all at once and restart operations on the new cloud model when migration is finished. This may mean your company would have to suspend operations temporarily or work on a limited scale during the migration. Another option is to slowly move over to the cloud in phases. This option may take a longer period of time, sometimes up to a year.

Train Staff Members

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle to moving over to the cloud is helping your staff make the transition. Your team of employees will need some sort of training in order to continue to work productively and adapt to the new working procedures. Work with a consulting organization that specializes in managed IT services Boston to get specific advice about how to give your staff the right tools to make this transition. When your team gets the right support, they’ll feel confident and equipped to adjust to the new methods of cloud computing.

Planning a big change to the way your team accesses information and completes tasks requires a step-by-step approach. When your company makes the switch to cloud computing, take the time to create a solid strategy to help your business and your team come out successful.

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