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How To Get Followers On Twitter Fast?

With over 300 million active users per month, Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms at the moment. Another interesting factoid, however, is that the average Twitter user only has 200 followers on their account. Therefore, if you are someone who is disappointed by their follower figures, you can be relieved. But the question still arises, how does one increase their  Twitter followers at a fast pace? Well, simply follow these 4 tips:

How To Get Followers On Twitter Fast

  1. Optimize your profile

When you create a Twitter account, the first thing the website tells you to do is to set up your profile. While most of us tend to skip the process, it is, in fact, one of the most crucial things to do in order to look professional.

Start with uploading a profile picture that looks attractive yet professional at the same time. Secondly, get to the bio. Here, you must make things casual and to the point. For example, include your profession followed by your hobbies then finalize it with a link to your website or popular hashtags that define you. The idea is to make people be intrigued by your profile when they first look at it.

  1. Tweet regularly

The primary objective of Twitter as a social media platform is to allow its users the ability to express themselves on topics close to them. For example, a football pundit is likely to tweet about the current scenario of his local league or give statistical information for historical comparisons and that is what their whole follower base is looking for.

Once you’ve defined yourself in your bio, your next goal is to start tweeting about topics that genuinely appeal to you. Also, make sure that you are consistent with your tweets (at least 4-5 tweets per week). No matter how many followers you have, consistency will always be beneficial for your account as it keeps your account active and engaging.

  1. Use the tools

In its initial years, Twitter was basically a public journal for its users. In fact, there were no media on the platform until 2011 when the company first introduced image sharing within its UI. Even the hashtag did not see the limelight until the 2nd year of the platform’s existence. But as things stand, we cannot imagine Twitter without these fancy tools. There’s a right way and a wrong to get more followers on Twitter, learn more: How to Buy Twitter Followers the Right Way – IMC Grupo 

So you’ve now decided what exactly your genre is and have made up your mind on posting regularly. But, how do you tweet effectively? The answer is simple. Use all the fancy yet effective tools the platform provides to you. Upload images that are relatable to your tweet, use hashtags that seem to be trending, upload videos that charm your audience. Your goal here is to bring value to your followers so that th  ey stay loyal and also consider retweeting your tweets.

  1. Engage with other users

The concept of social media essentially is to create a platform for its users which lets them share content while allowing other users to react to it. Twitter is no different.

To gain quick attention on Twitter, you must personally pay attention to fellow Twitter users. But who do you pay attention to? Well, we go down the memory lane again and recollect our genre. Say you are a fashion designer from India. Now, what you need to do is to appreciate other fashion designers by retweeting their tweets. While you’re at it, check what popular brands around you are doing, share their trends with your followers.

Speaking of followers, they are your targeted Twitter users too. Therefore, you need to consistently engage with them and show interest in their activities by responding to their retweets or retweeting something appreciable tweeted by your audience. This showcases your followers as a valuable asset of your account and eventually leads to a large loyal fan base.


Growing a Twitter account from scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires attributes such as determination and wit. But more importantly, it requires you to have a practical understanding of how to efficiently use the platform. If you do so, you are bound to succeed, otherwise, it’s a constant swing and miss situation. Use our list above and apply it to succeed and gain tons of followers fast.

John Paul
John Paul
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