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How to Find The Best Retractable Dog Leashes

Retractable dog leashes give you some slack when you are out and about walking your dog.

If you are blessed with a very playful pet, you will no doubt find that having that extra bit of slack is extremely useful. People like this type of leash because they can let their babies wander off without worrying too much about where they are.

Retractable leashes have wheels that store the unused cord but allow you to release it when it’s needed.

The plastic housing at the walker’s end of the leash means your hands are protected from any movements of the strong cord.


Dizzying selection

When you are looking for the one for you and your pooch you will find there is a dizzying selection to choose from. To help you, click here for the best retractable dog leashes.

The fact is that a leash is critical when it comes to the safety of your pet.  Finding the best retractable leash does not need to be overwhelming.

First off decide what you hope to achieve with having a retractable dog leash.  Is it that your dog is large and needs extra space to have a comfortable walk?  Is it that you are puppy parent and your small dog just loves to run round in circles and so requires a lot of leeway from time to time?

By checking out our selection you’ll help yourself find the best retractable dog leash for your needs.

Top factors to look for

Knowing the top factors that you should consider when buying a leash will help you quickly reduce the options.

The features you should be looking for in your dog’s retractable leash include:

  1. Comfort: The leash you choose needs to be gentle to your hands. This is why it’s recommended you look for the best ergonomically designed grip that offers plenty of comfort when you are out on what could be a very energetic walk.
  2. Length: This will depend on the areas you want to explore with your dog and how well trained it is. Perfectly mannered pooches on a walk in the park can handle a super long leash. But, when your dog is more rambunctious, the advice is to opt for a shorter leash to keep the dog within supervising distance.
  3. Size: Size really does matter. The bigger the leash, the heavier it is bound to be. This will tire you out, especially is you walk your dog over a long distance. Try to choose as lightweight an option you can find so you don’t build up aching arms and pain hands.
  4. Color and visibility: When we are out walking our dogs, especially if we’re going to give them more room to roam, it’s very important that we can see where they are and that others can as well.

This is why it’s a good idea to select a leash with a bright, vibrant, and visible color so the dog can be spotted from a fair distance. You should also ensure it’s possible to keep track of the dog in the dark.

  1. Swivel clip: Swivel clips stop the leash twisting into an unfortunate knot and help to make sure the retractable functionality doesn’t stop working.
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