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How to Find the Best Gifts for New Mothers in Your Life

If you know someone who’s becoming a new mother, you’ll want to think of the perfect gift to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience. While this time is often exciting, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t challenges that new mothers face. After having a baby, mothers feel a lot of responsibility to be the perfect mom and get their child’s needs best met. So, if you’re a loved one to an expecting mother, you may want to consider gifting them things that will help them throughout this journey. Keep reading to explore a few gift ideas that would be perfect for an expecting mother in your life.

Buy them something practical.

Buy them something practical

Pregnant mothers commonly have lots of equipment and accessories that they need for their newborns. One of these items at the top of the list for breastfeeding mothers is a breast pump. These machines help first-time moms pump breast milk, so it’s easily stored in reusable milk containers and readily available. Two common and popular wearable pumps are the Willow pump and the Elvie pump. Both are hands-free, and they allow you to double pump.

If you want to look further into Willow Vs Elvie pumps, you should be sure to check out these reviews on Truly Mama. Their practical, hands-on advice from real moms may help you determine the specific pros and cons of each hands-free pump like disposable bag size, ease of use, suction, cleaning difficulties, and so many more criteria that matter to new moms. Ultimately, this will allow you to decide which pump would make the best gift for your pregnant loved one.

Consider something thoughtful.

Consider something thoughtful

While gifting practical items like a breast pump is a smart option, you can always gift your expecting mother something more personal, too. For example, you could buy them a personalized necklace or bracelet with their child’s name or birthstone. This is a great way for them to sport their baby’s name making it the perfect everyday accessory.

Another thoughtful idea is to buy a custom baby book. With a custom book, they can fill out the information about their baby as they grow up. If you decide to go with this option, find a book that has room for little moments like their baby’s first words, first steps, favorite foods, and lots of room for cute photographs too. Regardless of the type of gift, deciding to choose something that feels more intimate and personal to your pregnant loved one is always a rock-solid choice.

Take them to treat themselves.

Take them to treat themselves

Let’s face it, just because the new mom in your life is now a mom, that doesn’t mean they want to spend every waking moment from birth until they’re self-sufficient with their child. It’s completely normal to want some alone time, time with just your partner, or a night with friends. Avoid judging any mother who wants this time, as it’s actually quite healthy to have a community and spend time outside the home, too.

Instead, what you can do is foster these day trips or nights out by taking your loved one to do something fun, like shopping. Start by searching for outlets near me to find high-quality clothes that won’t break the bank. Obviously, they can bring their little one with them to shop while you help to manage the baby. This way, they can try on all the clothes they’ve been wanting to for their next date night out. On the other hand, if your loved one is dying to go on a date with their partner or have a fun night, you could always offer to babysit. In turn, they’ll be super grateful for your support and presence as they navigate the new journey into motherhood.

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