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How to explain video as the media of the future

You may have heard somewhere that video is the media of the future. While some studies point out that video content will account for up to 80% of online traffic by 2019, many entrepreneurs are still afraid to use this media to advertise their products, either for lack of knowledge or simply for fear of doing a bad job.

For many, recording a video seems like a daunting job, but in fact the process is much simpler than it sounds Wondershare Uniconverter. To help you out, we have prepared this text with several tips for you to venture out on camera and create content that is enjoyable and especially relevant to your audience.

Want to know how to make quality video and engage your audience? Keep reading!

Why record videos?

Nowadays, video recording is part of the marketing strategy of many organizations and, moreover, has become the main source of income for many people.

Check out the main reasons why videos are the darlings of the moment:

Digital marketing:

Producing videos to promote products or services is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies. And when we talk about using this media, it’s not just about sales videos or social ads, but also content marketing. Creating a YouTube channel to offer free videos related to your niche can be a great technique for attracting new customers. If you have an online finance course, for example, how about using videos to offer valuable free content and prepare your audience for a future purchase?


The YouTube profession is one of the most sought after by young people today. The success of some video content producers on the world’s most accessed platform makes many people pursue a career in making videos. They even use various sophisticated tools such as video compressor, video converter and so on. Despite being a relatively saturated market with good planning and a lot of discipline and creativity, it is possible to stand out and earn extra income through video production. For some people, this income may even become the main one. But make no mistake, it is crucial to persist and always look for niches and markets not yet explored by the vast majority of content producers.

Online courses:

Online courses are an excellent opportunity for those who want to undertake the internet and generate income by sharing their knowledge with the world. Even many YouTubers and digital influencers use this teaching mode as a way to monetize their work on the internet. In addition, many teachers have been taking advantage of this market opportunity to scale their work and teach students from other parts of the country (or the planet!). To be able to work in this area, however, it is necessary to know how to produce video classes that are captivating, useful and, of course, well produced.

The Three Moments of Video Production:

Before you can produce any video, you first need to understand that this process is divided into three stages: preproduction, production, and postproduction. If you follow movie news, you’ve certainly heard these terms before. Shall we know a little about each of them?

– Pre-production: This is the planning and includes all the planned steps for video recording, such as choosing location, screenplay, cast, etc.
– Production: This is the moment of recording when you put into practice everything you have prepared in the past days.
– Postproduction: This is the video editing and finalizing step when you make the necessary adjustments to make everything work perfectly, and you also understand the outreach.


Each step is very important in the process of making a good video and every quality video is a valuable investment for your business.


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