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How to enhance the user experience with Kodi?

If you are looking for an all-in-one entertainment solution for your home, Kodi can be what you need. Kodi can be defined as an open source software media centre which allows access to different kinds of content such as music and videos. There is no device specification. It works on a wide range of devices including, phones, PCs, tablets and also raspberry Pi.

Kodi itself comes with its own attractive user interface which is suitable for both network and local storage devices which is being used. To make the experience even better, there are extensive Kodi addons which can be used.

Best tools to better the Kodi experience

Following are some of the tools which can help with efficient Kodi maintenance thus making way for a better uninterrupted experience.

  1. Fresh start

This is one of the most convenient ways to factory reset the Kodi player. In case the the interface is all junked up and needs refreshing, it can be the best way to go for it. It brings out the new Kodi.

  1. Merlin wizard

It is one of the maintenance tools which help to clear cache improving video buffering. With time going by, this player becomes slow and is one of the reasons why the individual faces severe buffering issues. It is the perfect tool to fasten the streaming of videos and also lets you enjoy long hours of entertainment.

  1. Security shield

This is a maintenance tool which scans the system for any bugs and viruses. A major feature tells the currently failing repository to install addons. It helps you stay updated and tells you the repositories you need to install and what you need to discard.

  1. cdART Manager

This can be the perfect tool for any music lover. It allows you to manage the music library and sort it with respect to the taste in music. This tool helps manage the kodi music library effectively.

  1. Community portal

It is a type of informative tool for maintenance of Kodi Krypton since it provides information regarding the various new updates. It also provides details on the various updates which may be needed for a better experience.

  1. Exodus Redux

Released only a few weeks before, Exodus Redux is spreading among the Kodi users like wildfire. It is scraping large amounts of quality links. It ends the search for quality Kodi addons.

  1. Backup

Sometimes, the Kodi users are worried that they may lose all their data when installing a newer version of the software. This maintenance tool saves the trouble by backing up all the data so that it does not get lost when updating.  It is therefore an important tool for any Kodi user.

These maintenance tools greatly simplify Kodi in many respects. It helps manage the addons, clear the unnecessary files and also sets up a library to organize the data. Kodi itself is incredibly powerful and friendly.  To touch up, the right tools can enhance your Kodi experience quite satisfactorily.


Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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