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Learn How To Download Music On Spotify

If you are an avid music listener and constantly switch between applications to try new music, you have probably heard of Spotify, the audio streaming service. Founded in 2006, Spotify is one of the largest music apps across the globe with more than 456 million active users including 195 million subscribers spread across 180 countries. Spotify has managed to stay ahead of its competitors because of its ability to forecast trends and adapt to its user’s expectations, demands, and requirements. In this blog, we will help you learn how to download music on Spotify.


What exactly makes Spotify a popular choice amongst audio streamers?

The main reason why Spotify currently is the go-to option for many is the flexibility that it offers to the listeners while navigating through its database which is filled with not only music but other audio segments as well like podcasts. One can access Spotify from multiple devices and is not restricted to only one smart device. It’s like Netflix. Create a shared account and enjoy its services. The music and podcast database is extremely vast and believes us when we say, it has something for all of us.

The app’s ability to provide a personalized experience as well as music recommendations for new music that one may be unaware of has helped Spotify gain massive popularity within less than 2 decades of its existence which is a massive streak to achieve.

There is one tactic that Spotify uses that has helped it maintain its dominance. What is that you ask?

Initially, it reels in users by offering a vast pool of music and podcasts which are extremely easy to navigate and additive. Then slowly the app starts suggesting you move to the ‘Premium’ for an even better experience. This usually happens once the person has used the app long enough and is addicted to it. In the free version, while listening to music, it will keep bombarding audio advertisements that cannot be skipped, and eventually, the user may get sick of the adverts and switch to the ‘Premium’ account, which is a paid service. Not all of its users need to use the paid version but when one looks at the larger picture and understands that the world is full of 8 billion people, the market for Spotify is pretty big.

Now that we have introduced the Premium account in our conversation, let’s talk more about it.

As already mentioned, the premium account is the paid version of Spotify and it has many benefits or features that it offers which may be worth the money spent for it.

Spotify first offers you a 1 month trial period where you can become a part of the Premium group without any payment. If you like what you experience you will then have to pay for it from here onwards.

So what are the costs and the exact features?

The Premium segment of Spotify gives you the following benefits:

  • There are no adverts in between no matter how long you listen to music on the app. In the free version, the advertisement starts popping up after every 2 to 3 songs in a loop, which can be irritating after a while. With the premium account, you can go ad-free
  • You can listen to music even when you are offline which means you can save your data by using its ‘Offline Playback’ option. This option is pretty cool.
  • There is no restriction on the mode of payment. You can pay via UPI, card, Paytm, or any other online mode you desire
  • The users can access their Spotify account from any device including TV sets, speakers, or any other smart system

Spotify Premium offers multiple packages like Duo, Family, and Student that offer different features depending on the requirement of the consumer.

Spotify does not charge exorbitant amounts like many other audio channels but the price varies depending on the region.

For instance, in India, here are the price groups for the Premium account:

  • Individual Account:

 Cost: INR 119 per month after one month trial period

The package offers a group session, ad-free music, and a download strength of 10K songs per device with a maximum of 5 devices

  • Duo Account:

Cost: INR 149 per month after one month’s trial period and you get 2 accounts

The package is meant for couples who are living together with a group session, ad-free music, and a download strength of 10K songs per device with a maximum of 5 devices.

  • Family Account:

Cost: INR 179 per month after one month’s trial period and you get 6 accounts

The package is meant for a family living together with a group session, ad-free music, and a download strength of 10K songs per device with a maximum of 5 devices. There is also an option to block explicit music to protect children.

In the UK version of the app, the main features remain the same and the price changes as per the regional currency.

So now the main question, how to download music on Spotify?

It is important to note, that one can download music on Spotify only when they have access to a Premium account. The unpaid version does not offer the ‘Download’ option for its songs or other audio files.

If you have a premium account and wondering how to download the songs, the steps are pretty simple as mentioned below:

  • Launch the Spotify app on your device and log into the Premium account
  • Go to ‘Library’ which is present at the bottom-right corner of the screen
  • Click on the album or the playlist you wish to download
  • Once the playlist or the album opens up, tap on ‘Download’, which is the arrow facing downward and should turn green once you tap on it
  • Once the download is complete, you can confirm it by checking if there is a green downward-facing arrow next to it

A quick tip to access the downloaded songs quickly is to go to the Library and tap on the filter ‘Download’ present at the top of the screen.

Here is a brief rundown of the blog:

Spotify does offer a great library of music and more and it’s one of the easiest and most user-friendly audio apps in the market. However, the offline version of songs can only be accessed with the Premium account which is a paid version. Check out Spotify’s regional website to decide on the plan that best suits your requirement. If you do not wish to spend extra, even then the free version is worth using, if you don’t mind listening to a few ads here and there. If you have the paid version and want to learn how to download music on Spotify, we have answered that for you as well. Happy Streaming!


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