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How To Do And Learn Programming Step By Step?

We live in a digital world. We use various applications and websites to fulfil our needs every day. From ordering your favourite pizza to ordering the medicines for your grandparents, you use specific apps for everything.

With the increasing need for applications, the demand for programmers and developers is also growing.

Are you still wondering why is it important to know how to do programming?

You will be amazed to see what kind of job areas a programmer cover. If you are a programmer, you can be a web developer, UI developer, user experience designer, automation test engineer, software engineer, and many other position holders.

Do And Learn Programming Step By Step

We face extreme competition with the growing population in the contemporary world. But if you know how to do programming properly, your programming skills can provide you with immense opportunities.

Programming is nothing but a specific process of designing and building software. It is a lot more than just writing codes. It also includes good research analysis, planning, and testing as well.

Want to place yourself in good company? Learn how to do programming! It will help you for sure.

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Are you new in the techie world and don’t know where to start learning? Java excites you but have no clue how to do java programming? Searching articles on how to be a programmer for beginners, but still stuck in the same position?


Relax, you can learn it. Don’t give up. All you need is step-by-step guidance and we will provide you with that here. It’s a promise!

Let’s begin then!

Learn how to do programming with step by step guidance:-

before you learn how to do programming, you need to know what is programming.

So, let’s start from there!

  • What is programming?

Put it simply, programming is a specific process of creating a set of instructions for your computer. These instructions are written in programming languages like Python, Java, C++, etc.

You can consider this group of instructions as your program. You can use it for various purposes such as playing games, web surfing and performing mathematical calculations.

Are you ready to learn how to do programming? Are you ready to dive into the world of computer programming and know the basics in detail? If yes, then keep reading!

10 basic programming concepts that you must know:

There are 10 basic programming concepts that you must know to become a skilled programmer and they are:-

  • Algorithm:

 An algorithm is a series of steps or statements that must be followed to complete a certain task. A programmer can create an algorithm to produce the desired result.

  • Compiler:

A compiler is a software tool that aids in the conversion of source code into binary code or byte code, often known as machine language

  • Data Type:

Data could be used in different kinds of applications. It can be a whole number, floating-point (decimal point numbers), characters, or objects.

  • Variable:

A variable is a placeholder for a value that is saved in memory and can be used in the application.

  • Array:

An array is a variable that contains elements of the same data type. The ability to use an array in coding/programming will be quite beneficial.

  • Source code:

Source code is the actual text that is utilized to build the program in the chosen language.

  • Conditionals:

It is important to understand how to utilize a condition so that a collection of code will only run if a specific condition is met. In the event of a false condition, the program should exit and the code should not be continued.

  • Loop:

 A loop executes a set of instructions until the condition is met.

  • Function:

  In programming, functions or methods are used to complete a task. A function can take parameters and process them to produce the desired result. Functions are used to reuse them at any time and in any location.

  • Class:

 A class is a template that contains state and behavior, which correspond to field and method in programming. Everything revolves around Class and Object in Object-Oriented languages like Java.

Congrats! Your basic programming concepts are clear now.

Let’s move on to the next step!

  • Choose a programming language:-

If you want to know how to become a programmer for beginners then your first and foremost step is to choose the programming language.

  • What is a programming language?

A programming language is a special language or collection of instructions for communicating with computers.

Each programming language has its own set of rules that you need to follow. We use a programming language to implement the algorithm. This is how the users can have the desired output.

Great! now you know what is a programming language and why you need it.

let’s concentrate on the choosing part now.

  • How to select your programming language:

It is recommended to start with Python. It is easily accessible. Easy to understand as well. But there is no compulsion as such.

Many programming languages are in demand at present. Java, JavaScript, C and C++, Go, PHP, Swift, Kotlin, and many others. You might be interested in knowing how to do Java programming. Well then choose it. Just choose what interests you. Start with it. learn in-depth!

You should choose your programming language according to your project as well.

Let me tell you how-

For example, you are planning to develop a mobile application, in this case, you may begin your programming journey with Java or Kotlin for Android. You may also choose Swift for iOS.

 If you wish to use a programming language for a profession in data science then Python would be a great choice.

If you want to develop a website, you should start with JavaScript. Thus what should be your chosen language will differ from project to project.

Once you are done with choosing the right programming language for your project, you are all set to code!

Correct use of your programming language is your first step. As a next step, your coded program must be keyed. You can use a terminal or personal computer for it.

  1. Test the program :

As a programmer, you are expected to be careful, precise. You need to make sure that your coding is error-free.

No one is flawless. You are not too. You will have errors in your program, you will be frustrated if you are not getting the desired output after trying several times.

It’s okay. It’s part of your learning.

Here are some ways that will help you by telling you where are you going wrong. Once you know the exact error, you can solve it in no time.

  • Desk-checking :

It is similar to proofreading. In desk checking, you simply sit down and check the logic of your program. You can try to find out your program is error-free or not. Thus you review your work.

Understandably, you are eager to run your program on the computer but proofreading always helps you to rectify your flaws. So why not go for it and save some time as well.

  • Translating:

A translator is a program, it can check the syntax of your program. It translates your program into a specific form that your computer can understand.

It can tell you whether you have properly used the programming language or not. Thus a translator helps you to show your errors.

  • Debugging :

Do you know what does the term means?

So it means detecting or locating the mistakes that you have made in your program and correcting them. In this phase, you run the program by using your test data. You should plan the test data carefully so that you can test your program entirely.

This is how you need to test your program before you run the program on your computer. Now we will move ahead and talk about the next step.

  1. Document the program :

A written complete description of the programming cycle and specific details about the program is known as documentation.

 The origin and nature of the problem, a brief narrative explanation of the program, logic tools such as flowcharts and pseudocode, data-record descriptions, program listings, and testing results are typical program documentation resources.

Comments within the program are also considered to be an important component of the documentation. Many programmers keep track of their work as they code. Program documentation, in a broader sense, might be included in the documentation for a whole system.

A sincere programmer continues to document the program throughout.

Documentation is required to aid program design and supplement human memory. Documentation is also necessary for communicating with other programmers who are part of a programming team.

These are some basic steps you should follow to learn how to do programming.

Wait! it’s not over yet. Leaning is fun as well as challenging. To help you a bit, we have some tips for you. Here we go!

3 essential tips only for you!

  • Don’t just read, learn by practicing:

Reading is not enough. You need to practically experience it as well. You have read your book, understood the sample codes that are written in the books, but remember your job is not done yet. With reading, you need to practice programming as well.

Try to write a code, play with it, perhaps optimize it, change your code to see different kinds of results as well. This is how you will learn. In this way, your logical thinking ability will be improved too.

  • Never lose your calm:

Yes, it’s not easy. Nothing is easy actually. You need to invest lots of time to learn any skill. Programming is not an exception as well.

Lots of experts may tell you that it is possible to learn the basics of programming in no time, but it’s not true. You need immense patience to become a skilled programmer.

Be honest. Think about why you want to learn how to do programming. What interests you. What is your goal? What is your dream?

Don’t give up, don’t lose patience. Your dreams will be fulfilled only then. So, never lose your calm and move ahead.

  • Take help from online resources :

Whenever you are stuck and need a guide, just search through the internet. It has all answers to your questions. There are many kinds of online resources that can help you with learning.

 You can have expert advice, proper guidance, tutorials on diverse internet platforms. All you need to do is just search according to your needs.

So start learning with available online resources today!

Conclusion :

That’s all you need to know to learn how to do programming.

Although it could be a bit difficult to start your programming journey, especially if you are new in this field. But it’s okay. Every journey has its difficulty. Remember everything is okay until you don’t allow yourself to give up.

So, always believe in yourself, remember your goals and move ahead to your programming journey.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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