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How to Craft an Armor Stand Recipe?

 Along with many other interesting features in Minecraft, there is another that serves to be an important piece of decoration in one’s inventory table. That is an armor stand; it is an object that is used to hold and view your wearable items. It can be used for both, presentation as well as storage, for example, armors, pumpkins, shields, mob heads, and elytra. This article gives an easy armor stand recipe that demonstrates how you can create your armor stand and what are the items that are required for crafting it.

Craft an Armor Stand Recipe

Items Required for Armor Stand

The items that you will need for this armor stand recipe include: –

  • 1 Stone Slab (that is smooth)
  • 6 sticks

Armor Stand Recipe

The crafting recipe for an armor stand is shown in few easy steps as given below: –

Step 1: Collect some Wood Blocks

If you do not have smooth stone slabs in your inventory, then as the first step, you have to gather some wood blocks from the trees. Get the wood from trees either by punching the trunks of the tree or by the use of an ax.

Step 2: Craft Wooden Plank Blocks

Once you have collected the woodblocks from the trees, open the crafting menu. From this menu, select the wooden plank blocks and drag them into your inventory.

Step 3: Create Wooden Sticks

Now its time to craft some wooden sticks for the armor stands. As stated above, you need 6 sticks for the armor stand. After having the wooden plank blocks in inventory, again go to crafting menu and select wooden sticks from there. Add the wooden sticks in your inventory by dragging them.

Step 4: Mine Minimum of 12 Cobblestone Blocks

Collect the cobblestone blocks either by mining the stone blocks from the caves or the mountainsides or cliffs. A pickaxe is required for mining these stones. You must mine at least 12 cobblestone blocks.

Step 5: Create a Furnace

To create a furnace, you must have 8 cobblestone blocks in addition to a crafting table. For this, open the crafting table menu and select furnace or drag 8 cobblestone blocks in the 3×3 grid. Add this furnace to your inventory.

Step 6: Smelt Cobblestone Blocks

Smelt the remaining three cobblestone blocks in the furnace. You can do this by placing three blocks in the space that is above the flame-type icon in the menu and place the fuel below this space. Here fuel can be coal, woodblocks, the bucket of lava or charcoal. That’s totally up to you!

Step 7: Again Smelt the Blocks

Now repeat the above step by adding more fuels. This will turn the stone slabs into smoother ones. When smelting is finished, drag these smooth stone slabs into your inventory.

Step 8: Create Smooth Stone Slabs

For this, you must have three stone blocks into your inventory. Go to the crafting menu and select smooth stone slabs or place 3 stone blocks into the lowest row of the 3×3 grid. And your smooth stone slab is created. Drag it into your inventory.

Step 9: Create an Armor Stand

The final step is to craft the armor stand. Now you have all the ingredients for the recipe. All you have to do is to select armor stand from the crafting menu. Then place three sticks at the top row, one at the middle, one at the right corner of the bottom row and on one the left corner of the 3×3 grid. At last, place the smooth stone slab in the middle of the last row. And your armor stand is created!

Drag it into your inventory and have fun hanging your wearables on it!

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