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How to Convict Attempted Transport of Drugs

Many people are there in the world that do violation of laws. As long as you participate in the transportation of drugs, no matter what means you use, no matter how much you are engage in the smuggling, according to national laws and regulations, the parties must be held criminally responsible. san diego drug lawyer can assist you to get rid of any drug violation.

Convict Attempted Transport of Drugs

I. Attempted Crime:

Attempted crime means that the criminal has already begun to commit a crime. Failure to succeed due to reasons other than the criminal’s will is an attempted crime. For an attempting offender, the offender may have lighter punishment than the attempted offender. Regardless of the quantity, criminal responsibility should have investigated and criminal penalty imposed.

Smuggling, selling, transporting, or manufacturing drugs in any of the following circumstances shall be punished by fifteen years’ imprisonment, life imprisonment or death, and confiscation of property:

  (1) Smuggling, selling, transporting, or manufacturing more than one kilogram of opium, more than fifty grams of heroin or methamphetamine, or a large number of other drugs;

(2) Chief elements of smuggling, trafficking, transportation and manufacturing of drug groups;

(3) Armed screening of smuggling, traffic, transportation, or production of drugs;

(4) The violence of inspection, detention, or arrest, with severe circumstances;

(5) Participating in organized international drug trafficking activities.

Those who smuggle, sell, transport, or manufacture more than two hundred grams of opium and less than one-kilogram heroin or methamphetamine or large quantities of other drugs shall be sentenced to seven years in prison and fined.

How to punish the crime of transporting drugs

For the chief members of the drug transport criminal group, organize, direct, hire others to transport the drug’s main offender or drug dealer, professional drug offender, drug re-offender, and have armed cover, violent resistance inspection, detention or arrest, participate in organized international drug crime. If the transportation of drugs is a business, they shall be severely punished by the criminal law, the relevant judicial interpretations and the quantitative standards grasped by legal practice, and those who shall be sentenced to death according to law shall be punished.

Those who have evidence to prove that the defendant was instructed and hired to participate in the transport of drug crimes may have lighter punishment. And even if the number of drugs exceeds the actual death penalty quantity standard, they can be executed immediately without a death sentence.

Assisting defendant:

As stated above, you know every consequence of drug punishment. San diego drug lawyers are the best for any assistance or any help. It is an online service for you. You can consult with them anytime, anywhere.

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