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How to Convert MP4 Video Format to WMV Video Format

A friend of mine is an extrovert kind of a person and enjoys sharing a lot what goes around him to her other friends and her web community at large. The videos she usually uploads to social media sites are majorly the ones recorded using the Smartphone device which is encoded on MP4. The major setback which she faces is most of the friends complain that the video rarely plays seamlessly. The MP4 video buffers a lot. She depends on me to guide her accordingly. Give me some tips so that I can aptly direct her.

Despite MP4 being the universal video format, which is preferred for major devices; it is not the right codec to share the video on the web. We recommend you to direct her to convert the video to WMV format which is a shrewd decision to have them effectively play on the web. To achieve the said intend there are several utilities to employ and effortlessly have MP4 to AVI.

This article guides you on how to convert MP4 to WMV using Wondeshare UniConverter.

Convert MP4 to WMV using Online UniConverter

Online UniConverter is a powerful fully web-based MP4 to WMV converter suite which enables you to seamlessly perform video conversion in a simple and straightforward manner. Online UniConverter offers the services absolutely free and at any time. You can access this service using any web browser you are familiar with. In addition, the conversion speed is faster enough to convert any video in not more than around one minute.

Below is the manual to use and convert MP4 to WMV using Online UniConverter:

Step 1. Add MP4 Files

Head to Online UniConverter webpage using this link Once the video converter is already opened, the “Upload” icon is conspicuously appearing on the screen. Click on the “Drag & Drop or Hit to Add File” to open the File Explorer. Browse over the said file and select those MP4 videos you intend to convert to WMV.  After you’ve selected all the target videos click “Open” to upload.

Step 2.  Set Output Settings

Once the video has been uploaded, a dialogue box will appear on the right indicating the codec of the video and a drop-down icon.  Click on the drop-down icon and then click on the “Video” tab to display a list of the output format and select WMV.

Step 3. Convert MP4 to WMV

Lastly, click on the “Convert” button to initiate the MP4 conversion process to WMV. Be patient and wait for some few seconds for the conversion process to complete. To save converted videos on your PC, click on the “Download” icon.

Convert MP4 to AVI using UniConverter Desktop Version

Besides Online UniConveter, there is a sister UniConverter desktop version. It is an efficacious converter tool which boosts good number users due to its reliability and performs exactly what you wanted. There is no limit of the number of videos to be converted and it supports 1000+ multimedia formats. More importantly, this reliable suite offers you with powerful a tool which enables you to perfectly curate and customize the video. You can feasibly combine clips into a huge video file using UniConverter desktop version. To export already converted video, you got several options which include optimizing for your device, burning to DVD, and save it on the PC. The UniConverter desktop program has versions for Mac and Windows System.

The following is a guide to convert MP4 to WMV on Windows version although it is similar to that of Mac.

Step 1.  Add MP4 File

Download and install the right version of Uniconverter for your laptop and then launch it.  Import MP4. On the “Convert” section click on the “Add File” button to browse the save location of the target video. After which you can click “Open” to upload.

Step 2. Choose WMV to be an output format.

Choose the said output format from by clicking on the drop-down icon on the right of the screen. On the drop-down menu click on the “Video” tab and a list of the output format will be displayed for you to choose from. On the immediate right of the selected WMV, there is an option to change the resolution of the video. By default, “Same as Source” is selected which makes sure you have lossless video conversion.

Step 3. Start converting MP4 to WMV.

You can feasibly batch convert MP4 files to WMV by clicking the “Convert All” button. Alternatively, you can click on the “Convert” tab and convert single videos.  Remember that you can turn on “High Speed Conversion” from the bottom-left corner of the screen and accelerates the conversion speed.

You can then Locate WMV videos. Once the conversion process is completed click on the “Folder” icon on the bottom of the screen to access the output folder. Note that you can change the output folder by clicking on the drop-down menu alongside the “Folder” icon.

The Difference between Online and Desktop of UniConverter

We cannot be in dispute that both Online UniConverter and Desktop version of UniConverter are powerful enough to rely on during any conversion. However, they exhibit quite some functionality and capability differences. As seen below, we have noted down the common differences.

  • Online UniConverter requires a network connection for it to convert videos, unlike Uniconverter Desktop which only prompts for network connection during downloading the software only after which it fully operates offline.
  • Online version restricts you to the maximum upload size of the video while the desktop one is limitless to the size of the video to be uploaded.
  • The desktop version offers advanced editing feature which is not the case with an online version of UniConverter

About Wondershare Technology

Wondershare Technology is a publicly listed company which has focused for Video and audio for more than a decade now. Wondershare UniConverter is one of their main products which have garnered huge usage since their inception. Nevertheless, Wondershare Technology has many more famous products such as Filmora Video Editor. Actually, Wondershare is an expert in Video and Audio softwares.

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