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How To Clean Bathroom Using A Steam Cleaning Machine

You can effectively clean the bathroom using a steam cleaning machine. Though there are several cleaning processes for your bathroom, steam cleaning is more comfortable and practical because it kills 99.9% germs. Not only that but using a steam cleaner is also environment friendly because it requires no chemical or cleaning agents. However, you should think about the bathroom floor type and follow the step by step guide to using steam cleaning machine in the right way.

Clean Bathroom Using A Steam Cleaning Machine

Why you steam clean bathroom using a steam cleaning machine?

To steam clean your bathroom, you must need a steam cleaning machine. There are different types of steam cleaners and mops for cleaning purposes. But I think a better kind of steam cleaner is suitable for a clean steam bathroom. If you have a tiled shower, the grout lines are the area that becomes dirty and stained quickly. So, in this case, if you follow the traditional way to clean your bathroom, it takes much time and energy. But steam cleaning saves your time and energy. When you use a steam cleaner, it produces high pressure and heat. The pressure and heat then take away the dirt and particles and make the floor clean.

Besides, you need not using any chemicals or cleaning solutions to steam clean the bathroom. It seems that steam cleaning is safe for your little members and pet. Moreover, steam cleaning removes germs effectively and makes the surface fresh and hygienic. Not only your bathroom, but you can also a steam cleaning machine to clean your house floor, sofa, carpets, and others.

Steps to clean steam bathroom with steam cleaning machine

If you are trying to find the Effective way to clean the bathroom, I suggest steam cleaning. It makes your task easier and also saves your time. However, you need some necessary things to steam a clean bathroom with a steam cleaning machine. Let us discuss all the procedures step by step.

Things you need

The first thing you need for steam cleaning is the steam cleaner or a steam mop. Then you need all the right equipment and attachments to complete the cleaning task. You can take several microfiber towels and a bucket to take water. You need not take any cleaning agent. So, your work is simple. Just take the right type of portable steam cleaner and start your work.

Remove unnecessary and dirty things from the bathroom.

You have to remove towels, shower curtains, bath mats, etc. from your bathroom. It is a good idea to clean those things along with cleaning the bathroom. Now remove all the portable items from the floor. Just take them out. Though the work is painful, it helps to deep clean your bathroom.

Remove the loosened dust and particles.

Before running your steam cleaner in the bathroom, you have to clean it first to remove the loosen dirt. However, to remove dust, you can use a broom to wipe the trash away. Besides, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. Or take a microfiber cloth and wipe the floor. If you find grime, you can take 1:1 vinegar and water solution and spray it on the surface. Then wipe it to dry.

Clean the floor

Cleaning the bathroom floor is not quite easy because of the tile grout. Sometimes, you need extra care them. The soap scum stuck on the gout pores and made it dirty. For the floor, a steam mop is a right choice. Choose the right one and see the magic of cleaning the floor tile. A large amount of steam with pressure blasts the grime and then takes them away. To deep clean the floor, follow the steps below:

  • Attach the attachments and prepare the steam mop to start the cleaning process.
  • Then plug in it and run it over the bathroom floor. Take your time and do it properly.
  • You can change the attachment if it gets dirty. Besides, for the stained area, you can attach a spot cleaning brush to clean the spot properly.

Steam clean the toilet and sinks

To clean the toilet area, use the steam mop or a handheld steam cleaner. I think, if you have an excellent featured steam mop, you can use it to complete all the cleaning tasks for your bathroom. However, follow the steps to clean the stains, remove germs of the toilet area.

  • Plug in the steam mp or cleaner and wait for a while to produce steam.
  • Start steaming from the toilet bowl and gradually heat the rim. Here, you need much pressure to loosen the dirt.
  • Take care of the seat edges. Then through direct water with a hose and wash away the dirt. Flush the toilet to remove everything.
  • Now use a microfiber cloth to remove the remaining water and leave the area.

The sink area is also a place to be dirty quickly. With a steam cleaning machine, you can easily clean this area. However, for this, get your steam mop ready and then follow the steps.

  • You have to attach a scrub brush to the steam cleaner. Now you have to steam the sink along with scrubbing it.
  • Then scrub the sinks’ faucets and remove the stains. If you need to do extra work, try it.
  • Wash the sink with clean water and then dry it with a microfiber towel.

Clean the glass shower door

It is a great thing that you can use a steam cleaner or steam mop on your shower glass door. As it is a chemical-free process of cleaning, it does not harm your glass door. However, now follow the following steps.

  • Run your steam mop over the door to loosen the soap scum and dirt.
  • After steaming, use the towel to wipe away the dirt.
  • Now again, run the machine with a microfiber cloth attachment to clean it correctly.

Steam cleaning a bathroom with a steam cleaning machine is quite easy and effective. Before using a steam machine, you should check the warranty on your floor and material. Some floor surfaces can be damaged because of the high heat of the steam cleaner. However, try your steam cleaner or steam mop to clean and kill germs of your bathroom.

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