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How to Choose A Reliable & Affordable VPS Hosting Service Provider

VPS-Hosting Blogging is one of the most growing platforms amongst the youngsters that had made thousands of people self independent. Since the earning blogs have good traffic, it is required to go for a good web hosting package to host the website. Most of the professional bloggers and big companies choose a VPS or dedicated hosting package to run their websites getting huge traffic. The websites generating enormous visitors require a good hosting package. These websites consumes high bandwidth as these websites are opened enormous number of times a day. So, VPS hosting is always preferred for such website. First of all let us about VPS hosting.

What actually is VPS Hosting?

VPS is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. The VPS hosting had brought a new rebellion and heavy growth to online industry. It had integrated the online industry to new features and innovative technologies. VPS machine exists virtually which means that it do not have any physical existence. VPS hosting is allocation of physical web space on such a server. It shows 99.9 percent uptime with negligible bandwidth errors and also not affects the other websites on that server. The VPS hosting is mainly taken by people who have large traffic on their websites.

VPS hosting is between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting provides the customers with specific hardware, software configurations and different features. You

will get a little space in well maintained dedicated server through a virtual connection. Other space in dedicated server can be used by other buyers. It will provide your website with a good disk space and bandwidth.

How to Choose The Best and Most Affordable VPS Hosting?

If you wish to purchase a reliable and reasonable web hosting, here is a list of ideal features of a VPS hosting package. So you must choose the VPS hosting provider for your website carefully before paying the money to a bad hosting provider. Here is the list to features that an ideal VPS hosting must have:

  • Platform: If you do not want to buy an expensive plan or if you are not insightful to LINUX based hosting then you can choose to go with Windows VPS Hosting plan. But also, the control panel hosted in a Linux server is much cheaper and customizable.
  • Customer Support: One of the most versatile parts in choosing a VPS hosting is customer support. Many VPS hosting providers will provide the customers with 24 x 7 supports through phone call or chat services. This is the trademark of good hosting providers.
  • RAM Capacity: The RAM of the VPS hosting server will decide the efficiency of the hosting plan. A good VPS hosting server must have at least 1 GB RAM to run applications like operating system, control panel etc. If the website you own have large traffic that keeps on increasing every day, you should go for a burst-able RAM.
  • CPU Power: The ability of CPU for processing must be very high to perform the fast computations with ease.
  • Affordable price: You must be sure that the hosting provider should charge less and give the best quality services. You should compare the prices from different hsting providers and go with the best.
  • Control panel: This tool allows you to easily view and manipulate the controls of your blog or website. The most leading VPS control panels are Power Prov, SolusVM, and Webmin.
  • Security: This is another important criterion to choose VPS hosting provider. Your site must be protected from hacking and malicious attacks. Your hosting provider must ensure the security of your website hosted on VPS server.
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