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How to choose a good Air Fryer

If you are a cooking enthusiast, you definitely would be aware of the fuss surrounding the utility of air fryers, and how they are supposed to help fry your meals using less oil (almost 90% less), and the health benefits of having one of these in your kitchen. To the many cooking customers out there, the air fryer come as a valuable option to the traditional cooking method of frying your meal, by immersing it in a pan filled in vegetable oil. So with lots of information and reviews out there, it may come as a challenge to decide on the best air fryer for you. There are several in the market, with most coming from these manufacturers: Philips, Nuwave, Big Boss, Avalon Bay, and Faberware.

How to choose a good Air Fryer

To help you in your buying decision, for those who might not have the time to read the we decided to simplify this write-up. if you are interested in additional information, or you need help in choosing an air fryer to suit your immediate needs, you can drop a comment below or reach out using the Contact Us page.

  1. Determine your frying needs

The air fryer has been applauded as the solution to deep-frying; in most cases, it isn’t really as straightforward as that. Sure, air fryers can be used to cook a variety of meals, like fish, chicken, French fries, and a whole combination of recipes. However, you are going to need to decide beforehand the meals that pique your interest, and you would want to be sure that the air fryer can conveniently prepare all the meals you are interested in. For example, depending on how you want your meal cooked, from half-cooked to completely fried, you would want to decide on the temperature you would like.

  1. Determine the quantity you’d want at each serving

Air Fryers come in different shapes, capacity and sizes. Some air fryers adequately advertise the capacity to handle servings for four, so if you have a family, you could consider getting one of these. However, if you are a student just about getting your own apartment and you are on a budget, you could decide to pick a smaller one.

For example, the Fresh Multi Air Fryer has a 1.5KG capacity, the Philips Viva Collection Airfryer has a 0.8KG, GoWISE air fryer has a 2.60KG, the NuWave air fryer – quite on the large side – has a 3KG capacity.

So, it is important to look into the different reviews on air fryers, for example, the farberware air fryer review sold by Amazon.

  1. Evaluate your cooking habits

Air fryers do come with the additional boon over deep-frying, of not having to stand over your meal to watch it fry. If you are the busy person, and you don’t have time to oversee the cooking of your meal, you should get an air fryer with a timer. There are air fryers with timers from 30 minutes to an hour, so you do have a range to select from.

  1. Determine your level of style & convenience

Some air fryers come with features like automatic shut-off, non-slip feet, ready signal and time control. This can be very helpful if you are quite careless or forgetful, or you enjoy multitasking, but getting your meal ready isn’t really up on your list. Also, you could be on the phone or Skype with your clients or partners; you wouldn’t want to leave them hanging while you go attending to the food in the kitchen.

Some air fryers do come with a recipe book. This can help you quickly make decisions on the meals you would like to prepare. For example, the Philips Viva Collection Airfryer does come with a recipe, as well as a app, so you get the convenience and excitement of controlling your air fryer via your smartphone.

Other air fryers do come with LED control for dimly lit kitchens.

  1. Get a Warranty

Lastly, if you are quite new to using air fryers, you might consider getting a warranty. The air fryers do not come cheaply, so it wouldn’t do you any good, while learning how to use yours, they get bad at the first try!

So, if you do have any questions or guide toward getting your first air fryer, do feel free to reach out to us in the comments section.

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