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How To Build Your Own High-End Gaming PC

In this guide, we will discuss how we can create a High-end Gaming PC Fierce Pc in UK. This PC will have all the high end components that are needed to build high end computer, like graphics card, cooling system, and the processor. The prices of gaming parts are now getting low and this is the best time to buy and build up your own gaming pc.

How To Build Your Own High-End Gaming PCworks can be easily done on any gaming pc. This computer will allow you to play at the highest possible setting or almost close to it. If you are going to build your own gaming system, you need a simple guide so that you can easily choose the products by seeing their pros and cons.

How to build your own gaming pc in UK

So this is a simple guide on how you can build your own high-end gaming pc. We have listed all the basic parts which are checked for compatibility using PC Builder for building your own high-end gaming PC.

  1. Processor

Intel core i7 9700k

Cores 8 cores


Intel UHD graphics 630
Lithiography   14 nm


Intel i7 9700k is one of the best processor you can buy in the market. It comes with many improvements and now it is best for gaming but the problem arises in pricing the processor is selling at 385$ but the performance justifies the pricing.


  • Best gaming performance.
  • New solder tim improves the thermal transfer capability.


  • It does not provide threading technology.
  • Very high price tag.
  1. Motherboard

Gigabyte Z390X gaming

Gigabyte Z390X is one of the best motherboard you can fit in your gaming PC which is best in class and provides you 8 USB ports.

Dual M 2 slots and also provide overclocking of your CPU.


  • Provide you best in class performance.
  • CPU based controller allows the connected devices to boost up by choosing the shortest possible path.


  • Sometimes causes excessive battery draining.
  1. Video card

Gigabyte Geforce 2070 windforce 8G

Gigabyte Geforce 2070 windforce 8G is the successor of the previous gtx1080 Along with the latest Features which provide the best video Output. The output provides best 1440p gaming performance and an entry level 4k gaming performance. The video itself is excellent in handling high-end games on this price range it is best.


  • Excellent gaming performance.
  • Price is quite justified for what you get.


  • The thermal cooling system is not the best.
  • High fan speed in a small case.
  1. Memory and solid state drive (SSD)


We prefer Ballitix 8 gb Sport LT DDR4 3200-L16 in memory you have to use 2 of them so it will provide you 16 gigs of ram. Which will allow you to get perfect gaming experience. 16 gigs provide an excellent value for money in the right price segment.


Western digital Blue 3d 1 TB SSD M2 the prices of the SSD are dropping a lot these so this is an excellent time to buy SSD. Western digital Blue 3d 1 TB SSD M2 is one of the favorite SSD among the users because of its value for money performance. The SSD provides excellent speed and works perfectly fine. Which makes it one of the best SSD present in the market.


So these are some of the basic parts you will need to buy to start building your own high-end gaming PC. All the listed parts above are used by many peoples and we also tested some of them all of them works really good which makes them perfect for building your own high-end gaming PC.

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