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How to Build Brand Awareness Using Email Marketing

Brand awareness is a crucial thing that all brands need to survive.

It is also a metric that all brands are working to increase.

Brand awareness means, as the name reveals, the general awareness there is about your business, and obviously, if people don’t know about your business, you won’t have any customers, nor will you be able to sell any products.

As such, building brand awareness should be a natural part of your marketing strategy.

Brand Awareness Using Email Marketing

Of course, all marketing efforts that you make will help you build brand awareness, but in these cases, the brand-awareness metric is binary, while other marketing metrics such as increasing sales is the main goal.

This is why, apart from running your regular marketing tactics, you also want to run marketing campaigns where building brand-awareness is the focus.

A tool that you can use to build brand-awareness is email.

Email marketing has proven to be a tremendously effective tool, and the benefits of it have proven to be many. This is why you want to use email marketing to build brand awareness.

But how do you do this, you may ask? That’s exactly what we’ll look at in this article.

1. Create an email campaign template

In case you didn’t know, humans constantly seek patterns in things. And when you start thinking about it, it gets very clear that we do.

This is the reason why we get frustrated when we see a tiny detail that messes up an otherwise perfect pattern, or how we start to notice the patterns of different people, just to name two examples.

Want to know the best part?

A lot of the human psychology can be leveraged in marketing, and this is no exception.

Pattern recognition is an important part of brand awareness because when your audience comes across your brand, they instinctively start looking for patterns. This is also what can, to a large degree, be called brand awareness.

A way to build brand awareness using email marketing is by leveraging the patterns that you have on your website into your email.

This obviously focuses on the visual appearance of your email and designing it in a way that it aligns, look, and feel very similar to your website.

By sending your audience emails that are created with your website in mind, and all your customers have signed up for your email from your website, you can significantly increase brand awareness by leveraging human psychology.

Without any design knowledge, designing and creating an appealing email is a challenge, to say the least, but with Sendpulse email editor, crafting the perfect email has never been easier.

With the drag and drop email editor, you can start from scratch, and then use the software’s built-in tools to craft the perfect message, or, you can use tried and true finished templates and add your very own personal touch to them.

Simply drag and drop the elements you want, then make the smaller changes such as text color, header size, font, and so on.

Brand Awareness Using Email Marketing

But in doing this, you want to have the most crucial part in mind. That is that you craft your emails according to the visual appearance of your website. The reason you want to do this is that it creates a connection between something that your customers have previously seen and experienced before, with something completely new, yet something that aligns with a specific visual theme and style.

Before you start crafting your email to increase brand awareness using the Sendpulse email editor, you want to ask yourself a few questions first, though:

  • What font and text color do you have on your website?
  • Have you displayed your logo on your website?
  • What visual theme does your website have?
  • What feelings do you want to mediate with your website?
  • What colors are dominant on your website?
  • What brand voice and brand personality does your website mediate?

Based on the answers to these questions, you want to craft an email accordingly.

By crafting messages that are instantly recognizable, you’ll make your emails stand out from the crowd and also increase the time people spend reading them. This is because of humans like things that feel familiar. This also means that by creating an email style that people will be able to recognize from your website, you’ll encourage customer confidence.

2. Send Emails Regularly

An important benefit of email marketing is that it allows you to get in touch with your customers quickly, and it allows you to stay in touch with your customers, considering that many people check their emails regularly.

In order to build brand awareness, it is simply not enough to just reach a customer once and hope that they’ll buy from you. In fact, you can’t even expect that after having reached a customer once, they’ll remember you.

A study found that customers need to see an advertisement multiple times before they buy. And the same principle applies, to a large extent to building brand awareness as well.

Therefore, in order to ensure that your customers remember you and that you are always on top of mind, you need to make sure that you reach people time and time over. The good news is that email is a great tool to reach out to your customers with, because sending emails is free, and you can do it continuously.

With Sendpulse, you can set up triggered emails to be sent in different stages of the sales funnel. These emails are automatically sent, and all you have to do is decide when they’re going to be sent. You can decide to have them sent throughout different stages of the sales funnel, but you can also create custom events when you want emails to be sent out.

Essentially, the more time you reach your customers, the more brand awareness you’ll build.

However, at the same time, you need to ensure that you identify the line between building brand awareness and spamming them because if you’re spamming your audience, you can actually end making people leave your brand.

3. Send welcome emails

The hands-down most important email you can send to increase brand awareness is the welcome email.

Of course, the welcome email is a type of trigger email as talked about earlier, but the welcome email is so important that it deserves a point of its own.

When someone signs up to your newsletter, many do so out of interest for what you have on their website, however, shortly thereafter, most people tend to forget about the brand they just signed up to. Until an email is sent to them, of course.

Welcome emails are essentially the first interaction you’ll have with your new subscribers, and this isn’t something you want to miss out on.

Most importantly, they’re the first impression they’ll get of your brand, and obviously, you want to welcome them and let them know that if they need anything, you’re there to help.

Sendpulse allows you to craft and send automated welcome emails to everyone that signs up for your newsletter.

4. Provide value

If you’d ask me for a single most effective strategy for building brand awareness, this is it.

You might be thinking “but how does providing value help me build brand awareness?”, and here’s how:

Throughout the history of marketing, marketers have focused on doing the things that benefit them as much as possible through their marketing efforts. This means focusing on showing as many ads in their audiences’ faces as they can, and sharing as many promotions as possible.

The problem with this approach is that due to the marketing landscape becoming more and more competitive, new approaches are now necessary to stand from the crowd and to reach your audience.

Today, that tactic is providing value.

When you focus on providing value, you create value propositions. And what happens when you have something of value? People come to you instead of you having to chase them and force them to consume your content.

So rather than forcing a demand for what it is you are putting out, you create a demand. Not only will this increase the number of people who actually want to subscribe to your newsletter to receive your emails, but most importantly, it will lead to more people carefully consuming the emails you send them because rather than just stealing their time, they actually bring the recipient value.

Additionally, when humans are brought value from something, they tend to be more likely to share it with their peers, and this is something that will further help you boost your brand awareness.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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