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How to Bet On Football

First of all, we want to tell you that football, with all its popularity and power of attraction, is a sport in which sports betting houses invest large amounts, above other sports modalities in most cases. Computer algorithms, experts and human capital in general are behind the odds that you find on betting websites … very well-prepared rivals, so if you want to have the opportunity to beat them you will have to do some homework.

Bet On Football


We have decided to divide those who like to bet on soccer into two categories:

– The casual bettor who gambles for entertainment – for example, placing a bet on his team from time to time. Betting for fun.

– Whoever bets on football taking it seriously, looks for the best odds and seeks to make money by betting in the long term – in this case, the process is time consuming and must include statistical and budget analysis, something not available to everyone.

Online betting websites are constantly striving to attract football fans by offering various additional functions and features to enhance the customer experience when betting. These include, among others, live streaming of matches (livestreaming), the cash out option or odds during the matches – live bets.

Winner Bets

Let’s start with the market to bet on the simplest football: winner of a match. As simple as this: if you bet one team wins the match, you win your bet if that team wins the match. Logically, the odds to the winner can also be in relation to a tournament as a whole; but in this case you should consider that there will be more than two contending teams and always bear in mind that the odds may change substantially once the championship in question has started.

Correct marker

Also a very easy to understand market, you simply bet on the exact outcome of a match. It is an interesting market, but keep in mind that there is a large component of luck because the possible results are many.

Draw odds, do not bet

This type of bet ensures that, if the match ends in a draw, you get the money bet back.

Odds 1×2

Surely you know what the pool is, so perhaps it is unnecessary to explain what 1×2 means, but despite everything we will do it: 1 is the victory of the home team, 2 that of the visitor, and X the tie; therefore, a market with three possible outcomes to bet on: in favor of the home team winning, the away team winning, or a draw. No more.

Odds over / under X number of goals

This type of bet focuses on the total number of goals to be scored in the match, regardless of the team that scores and the final result of the match. The bookmaker puts at your disposal odds on more or less a certain number of goals in the match. You ask yourself, why is this so? To rule out that there are three possible outcomes, there will only be two.

Odds to be scored by both teams

The possibilities in this market are only two: yes or no. Case in point: United plays against Chelsea. You find out about the form of the teams, which are in the middle of the leaderboard, and it turns out that both are defending well but it is difficult for them to score goals. With that information, you consider it very likely that at least one of the two teams will not score, and that when one scores a goal they will go on the defensive to avoid conceding.

Odds to first scorer

This market is very easy to understand, it is simply about betting on the player who will score the first goal of the match. But you should not assume that that first scorer will be the one who is the team’s top scorer, but it is important to investigate if such a player is characterized by scoring early in matches and at the same time consider whether it is likely that it will be a match in which they will be scored. many goals. This done, go ahead with the bet!

Scorer odds

This is a cousin market of the previous one but with the difference that, if you bet on Scorer Odds, you will be doing it to those players who you think will score in the match … regardless of when they achieve it.

We hope this guide has been useful and now you are clear about some concepts that are important to get the most out of betting on the beautiful game, and that is why we recommend you take a look at the analysis we have done on the best football bookmakers.

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