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How Smart Monitoring Services Can Optimize Workplace Collaboration

There’s no doubting the fact that video technology is revolutionising modern conference rooms. Although many still feature the typical long table and formal leather chairs, these meeting spaces are now fully-equipped with video conferencing, digital whiteboarding and audio-visual (AV) solutions, as businesses begin to truly embrace collaboration technology for the modern workplace.

How Smart Monitoring Services Can Optimize Workplace Collaboration

However, many of these innovative collaboration spaces remain massively under-utilised, with a study from the Workplace Productivity Index showing that the average conference room is only used 33% of the time. Since Aragon Research report that 50% of all conference areas will be video-enabled by 2020, businesses need to make sure these meeting room investments are being used to their full potential. Technology is now everywhere. Even schools are now smart schools and there are many campus broadcasting system vendors who have changed the way of education by introducing various latest equipment.

Fortunately, Smart Monitoring services can help you make the most of your technological investments, providing the data you need to create a truly productive and collaborative meeting environment.

Obtain Valuable Insights

Smart Monitoring platforms provide a wide range of performance metrics and analytics, offering valuable insights into how meeting spaces and devices are being utilised. More specifically, these intelligent services will monitor the performance and health of your unified communications (UC) and AV solutions—identifying any problems and helping to optimise your collaborative conference areas.

Saving you money and ensuring you can solve problems more efficiently, Smart Monitoring helps you get a firmer grasp on the performance and quality of your meetings. By analysing user behaviour and recognising trends, these detailed analytics show you exactly what is and isn’t working for your business, allowing you to intelligently change the way this technology is being implemented.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Since you can proactively monitor and measure collaboration performance in such detail, you’ll be able to make more data-driven decisions, instead of relying on simple guesswork or experimentation. When you’ve got access to such detailed insights, these smarter decisions will also be made much faster, allowing you to adapt quickly to changing user trends.

Smart Monitoring provides you with full control over your collaborative spaces and devices, with the extensive data ensuring you can improve the overall user experience and encourage regular collaboration. Instead of blindly implementing video platforms and hoping for the best, Smart Monitoring helps you better manage your budget and invest in the technology which best suits your requirements.

Improve Meeting Efficiency

Alongside detailed information as to the usage of your collaborative spaces, Smart Monitoring also ensures you can identify and fix any performance issues before they become truly problematic. Since collaborative technology is growing more complex and complicated, the ability to resolve issues so quickly could prove invaluable to the modern business.

While many meetings are delayed and interrupted by technological problems, Smart Monitoring makes sure these platforms are always in a healthy condition and operating at optimal performance. By detecting real-time problems and sending out live alerts, these services ensure meetings can always start at the scheduled time; helping to improve UC efficiency and boost the productivity of meeting sessions. When you’ve minimised distractions and delays so significantly, teams can continue to collaborate without interruption and achieve much faster, more impressive results.

Create a Better Meeting Space

There are currently an estimated 60 million conference rooms around the world, so the fact that only 33% are properly utilised is truly alarming, while 56% of meetings have been found to be completely “unproductive”. Since this is costing businesses a fortune in both time and money, IT professionals need to make sure these meeting spaces are being utilised effectively.

However, it’s no longer just a simple case of carrying out simple maintenance checks, because these flexible video-enabled environments require an optimised layout, innovative products and truly intelligent solutions. By proactively monitoring your collaborative spaces and devices, you can significantly improve the overall impact of this technology, and ultimately create a meeting environment which encourages constant collaboration and creativity.

Through Smart Monitoring services, you’ll be given full visibility and control of your video meeting rooms. The extensive insights provide a full understanding of how your conference areas, boardrooms and huddle rooms are currently operating, helping you to make the most of your resources and keep these spaces functioning efficiently. Instead of using budget on unused conference rooms and video collaboration technology, Smart Monitoring ensures you can achieve fantastic ROI and that workplace collaboration continues to improve.

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