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How Incentive Installs Will Change Your Android App Revenue?

There are lots of speculations about incentive installs in general. ASO and app dev community has divided into 25% of those, who use incentives to their advantage, and 30-35% of those who strongly believe that motivated traffic can somehow negatively affect your product positions in the app search or lead to the app removal from the market at all. This article is for those who hesitate about the practical use of incentive installs and what the actual revenue they can bring.

Motivated installs have no difference from the ordinary CPA or PPC traffic you acquire to your product page at the market. You pay money for a certain amount of installs to be done. So, they bring no negative impact on the app, as they just create the tendency that the market algorithm has to notice to rank you up.

Change Your Android App Revenue

How the motivated downloads work and when do you need to use them

The scheme is simple as it is: you give money to someone to download your app. If you need thousands of installs from certain geo daily for your application, it is better to find the platform where you can buy Android installs for your application.

Motivated installs can be used for two purposes: to promote your application to the top of the search by a group of words and phrases, and to index your app at the market. That is why we commonly divide motivated installs into 2 types: downloads by keywords and direct downloads.

Keyword installs offer you growth by a word or phrase you choose. As the market search algorithm is sensitive for Geo tendencies in the users’ behavior, you should decide what country or region you would like to be visible. After that, choose the most relevant keywords for your product. These are the words people use to find and download your application. When this is done, order the amount fo installs that be enough to get you from some 150 positions down the search page to the first 10-15. Only there your app will be visible and organic, non-motivated users will click the icon, scroll the page, and install the app.

Direct installs are those when motivated users follow your link to the app page to find and download it. This incentive downloads do not give you ranking up for keywords you have associated with your application. But they are crucial for a new application and those you have ASOed recently. These installs simulate activity and interest around your product and indicate the algorithm that you should be ranked and indexed for those words and phrases your app has in the description and title. That is how you will get your 200+position in the search. From this moment, you can buy Android installs by keywords to market to the top positions.

When are you ready to buy installs?

Your app is not always ready for promotion. Look through the list of basic improvements you should do yourself or ask the ASO (app store optimization) manager to do it for you:

  •  You have collected all the relevant keywords for your application. You sneaked into the rivals’ apps and added even more words and phrases to your keyword cloud.
  •  You grouped these phrases by the difficulty, meaningful parts and users’ intentions.
  •  Picked up the most promising of them and wrote into 1000-1500 characters long description.
  •  Screenshots reveal the functions of your products, features and uniqueness your competitors lack. You also added captures (short texts) to the screens with keywords in them for better indexation and easy promotion.
  •  The app icon is clickable and attractive for your potential customers. It will be eye-catching and stand out from the other visuals in the top 10-15 positions at the market.

With these updates ready, order a few direct installs to index your app. After that, order downloads by keywords in 5-7 days campaigns with up to 6 words and phrases in one group. You can read more about how and when to buy Android installs (URL) for your product. We also explain what is the right number of the installs you need for promotion to the top. is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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