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How Important is IT for your Business?

This is a question that all business owners should be asking themselves and the short answer is; IT services are critical for the business that wants 100% connectivity. Whether you run a chain of restaurants, a small construction company or an e-store, you are going to need a range of managed IT services to put your organization where it should be.

Important is IT for your Business

Cloud Data Storage

If you have yet to migrate to the cloud, this should be on your 2023 ‘to do’ list; access your data from any location, using any digital device, using a secure cloud network that is managed 24/7. You set up permissions hierarchies, enabling employees to access required data, while cyber-security is handled by the managed IT support company in Tampa, ensuring that your network remains impenetrable. The fact that all your data is remotely stored means your office PC resources are freed up, which boosts office productivity.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

This is the next generation of telephony, which uses the web to send and receive audio and video data and real-time video is a very powerful tool for businesses. Platforms such as RingCentral and Zoom offer real-time video conferencing at very affordable rates, slashing your telecommunications bill by as much as 50%. You can call any landline or cell number while using local phone numbers for your business and overseas calls are not charged by the minute and with delay-free video and crystal-clear audio, everyone in your organization has a high level of connectivity. The cloud can also benefit your sales force, as this article outlines.

How important is cyber-security?

It should be noted that cyber-crime is on the rise, with skilled hackers who patrol the Internet on the hunt for unprotected networks and the best people to consult regarding cyber-security is the managed IT services company. If, for example, all your customers’ financial data was hacked, this could be disastrous and your clients will not be impressed that your security was breached. How can you know that your cloud network is impenetrable? Ask a cyber-security specialist to carry out some penetration testing, which involves ethical hackers using all of their tools, and if they are not able to breach your defenses, you can rest assured your data is safe. Don’t take a chance thinking bad things only happen to others, as cyber-crime is very real and the statistics show growing numbers reported.

Automatic data back-up

Your data would be stored (and replicated) on several secure servers, backing up every few minutes, which means you will never lose data due to a drive crash. Indeed, your cloud network is monitored 24/7 by a team of networking experts and should there ever be an attempt to breach your network defenses, they can track the origins and you can inform the cyber-crime section of the FBI.

If you would like to make the best use of a range of managed IT services, talk to an IT support company in Tampa and let them show you how you can transform your business.

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