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How I Make My Dream Come True

Everyone has hobbies, and I am also no exception. I also had a hobby from my childhood. Do you wanna know about my hobby?

From childhood, my hobby was to be a photographer but, I couldn’t become a photographer because our family was not financially strong. On the other hand, there were lots of expense for my education as well.

How I Make My Dream Come True

Though I was not able to buy a DSLR but I had a keen interest in photography. I became sad when I saw my friends are bringing a camera and capturing photos.

I never gave up to dreaming. I had a cheap smartphone; I got it when I passed my A level exam. By that cheap smartphone, I tried to capture my dreams.

Although the quality of the image was not good, my best friends always inspired me that, you didn’t take just photos, it’s a great story, and you should buy a DSLR ( Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera ) for better image quality. Because without good quality image you cannot participate in a photography competition. You should show your skill to the world.

I was too inspired by friends motivation. Being excited, I came back to my house and went to my father’s room slowly. I showed some pictures which I took from my phone and told him what do my friends told me. My father understood what I want to tell him.

He just silently told me that, keep practicing I will bring you a Digital Camera. I saw that my father become emotional because he knows that, he cannot bring the camera.

From that time, I started to find jobs for me. I had gone several jobs portal, created an account by filling all the details of mine and applied several jobs which are related to my skills.

After some days, I got a call from my applied jobs. Finally got the job after giving the interview.

One day I was spending time on Facebook, and I got stuck in ads. I saw there is a company called Loans2Go provides loans in different categories such as Personal Loans, Premier Loans, Logbook Loans, Classic Car Loans, etc.

After seeing the ad, I thought this is the time I was waiting for. This time my dream will come true.

I have visited their website for more information about the loans. I have read their requirements carefully and applied for a personal loan.

I got a call from Loans2Go after a few days later. After filling all the requirements finally got the loan and bought my dream ( Camera ).

I am so thankful to Loans2Go for such a service.

If you are a dreamer like me, don’t hesitate to apply for the loan in Loans2Go and establish your dream.

John Paul
John Paul
John is a full-time blogger and loves to write on gadgets, search engine trends, web designing & development, social media, new technologies, and entrepreneurship. You may connect with him on Facebook, Twittter and LinkedIn.


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