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How Have Traders Embraced Advancements In Mobile Technology?

While there are several statistics relating to mobile usage and the proliferation of smartphones in the modern age, one stands out above all others. It’s estimated that there will be a staggering 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020, while these devices will also continue to benefit from increased and diversified capabilities.

The sophistication of mobile technology has had a massive impact on the way in which we live our everyday lives, while it has also changed the way we interact with the financial and labour markets. We’ve also seen an entire generation of aspiring financial traders emerge, as markets have become increasingly accessible over time.

Traders Embraced Advancements In Mobile Technology

But how have younger traders responded to these developments and leveraged technology to their advantage? Let’s take a look:

A technological revolution – changing the way that we work

In simple terms, the evolution of the smartphone and mobile technology has had a dramatic impact on aspiring financial traders. Firstly, improvements in connectivity and concepts such as BYOD (which enable employees to work with greater flexibility by using their own devices), have encouraged individuals to establish themselves and sole traders or entrepreneurs. So rather than pursuing a traditional financial career path, newbies are leveraging modern technology and working for themselves.

Secondly, modern smartphones and the development of responsive trading platforms have removed many of the barriers to entry that once surrounded the financial market. Traders can now execute real-time orders through their smartphone using mobile platforms, for example, without the need to liaise with a physical, this-party broker. They can also access a wealth of live and historical data to inform their trades, as they leverage the type of insightful analysis that would once have been exclusive to large corporations.

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How have young traders responded to these developments?

While these technological advancements have created huge opportunities to aspiring investors, the younger generation have worked hard to capitalise on them. Traders in the capital city of London have blazed a trail for others to follow in this respect, by investing in the right hand-held technology and choosing a mobile app that suits their preferences in terms of assets, trading vehicles and data-sets.

Leading competitor Hantec Markets provides a relevant case in point, as this outlet has developed a tailored mobile app that offers widespread access to traders across both Android and iOS channels. Young traders have embraced this type of tech, using its flexibility and diverse range of features to optimise their market exposure.

London’s young and fearless traders have also led the trend for working independently in the financial market, supported by the capital’s reputation as a hotbed of innovation and the centre of fintech. Over the course of the last decade, freelancing and sole trading has become the preferred method of working for young professionals, as those with financial qualifications look to trade independently and forge a lucrative (and flexible) career path.

The last word

Make no mistake; London’s younger generation of financial traders have not only adapted well to the smartphone revolution, but they’ve leveraged their technological aptitude as a competitive advantage in the fiscal marketplace. This is a trend that looks set to continue, with financially qualified young professionals increasingly likely to eschew traditional career paths and go it alone.

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