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How Does The Office Setup Influence Your Productivity?

The people, who are not as productive as they would want at the office, look for causes everywhere. There are not few the cases when the main cause that leads to low productivity is the office setup. More and more companies worldwide are dealing with low productivity, and they are always in search of solutions. Even if people are doing efforts to work harder, their productivity does not reach the levels they would want, and this is simply frustrating. A well-designed office would help people improve their productivity, and they will not have to spend extra time to complete their tasks. If they can focus, their creativity and collaborative skills into solving the office tasks, this will also have a positive impact on their wellbeing, health and engagement.

Aspects that influence the productivity at the office

  1. The personal workspace is the main cause that leads to low productivity. If you have the tendency to keep your desk disorganised, then it is understandable why you have difficulties in completing your tasks. The messy environment works for a small number of people, for the ones who use only their creativity to be effective at work. But the majority of people cannot work in a busy and cluttered office.
  1. If you suffer from various health issues then you will not be able to be productive at your job. This is why it is crucial to focus on ergonomics when building an office. The purpose of an ergonomic space is to improve the working conditions and to prevent fatigue and health risks. The position of the screen, the type of keyboard, the chair and the position of the body are only some of the causes that lead to low productivity.
  1. Different people have different working styles, and this means that they need offices designed differently in order to be productive.Therefore, large companies that are hiring experts from multiple domains should have varied office spaces, because they have to meet their needs. Employees need their own working space. In case communication it is not required for the tasks to be completed, then dividers can discourage employees to start conversations.
  1. People are influenced by the design of the office. The office environment has a great impact on your productivity. Poor air conditioning systems and ventilation can cause health issues. Inadequate lighting can cause you headaches, tiredness, increased stress level and eye strain. High noises will prevent you from working at your full capacity.

Solutions to maximise your productivity at the office

  1. The office should have relaxation and breakout spaces. The shape of the room where you are working can influence your productivity. In order to improve your productivity, in your office building should be created a relaxation room.That room can be used when you need some quiet moments to meditate, when you need a quick nap or when you want to take a break from your work for a couple of moments. A 15 minutes nap could be the difference from your productive morning and mental fog afternoon.
  1. The office building should also have a meeting space. Every employee needs a personal space, your desk is your personal space. You may need music to concentrate, or you may want a quiet space to be productive. When you have to share ideas with your colleagues, or you have to present your work, you will do it better, if you will have access to a meeting space. These spaces can be used as conference spaces or you can use them when you want to socialise. A meeting space will help you interact with your colleagues and cheer you up.
  1. Office design has a great impact on your mood and productivity. Small details like the office sign, colour of the walls, wall art and curtains make the difference. It is proved that people tend to have a greater self-esteem if they have custom signs on the exterior wall of their office. The professional website signomatic.com states that the persons who are working in an office that has a custom sign with their name and title are more productive than the ones who are working in an open office, because they feel appreciated.
  1. Natural light has a great influence on the productivity of a person. Natural light will increase your energy levels and will prevent fatigue, therefore it will boost your productivity. Studies show that the workers who are staying in offices exposed to natural light are with 20% more productive than the workers who are staying in sun-deprived offices.
  1. As stated before, one of the main causes why people are not productive at the office is the bad ergonomics of the space. When sitting for a long period of time in your chair, your health deteriorates and at the end of the day you feel energy drained. A way to improve the ergonomics of the office is to install an adjustable desk. You do not sacrifice your productivity, but you have the possibility to stretch your legs.
  1. Plants are also important when searching for solutions to improve the effectiveness of workers. People always feel relaxed and in a good mood when they walk in nature. Bring the nature into your office and you will soon start noticing the changes. Green plants help people improve their concentration and wellbeing. Studies show that the employees who are working in an office with plants are with 50% more productive than the ones who are working in offices filled with furniture items. Plants are great for preventing health issues, because they remove contaminants from the room.
  1. The scent of a room can affect the productivity of a person. Your strongest sense is your scent, so it is understandable why it influences your productivity. When people are exposed to certain scents, they cannot concentrate. For example, the rooms that promote scents like lavender, jasmine or lemon are boosting people’s effectiveness. You can use a spray bottle with your favourite scent at the office and mist around the desk when you need some moments of relaxation.
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